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Is ignorance bad?

Please include your reasoning in your answer.

x0lineage0x 6 May 31

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I don't think it's bad.....It's just a process where once awareness starts to wake up then one can start moving away from it (ignorance, that is). It's a continuous process until the last day. Some will move the ball forward, others not so much. That piece of the puzzle is complicated


Ignorance can be deadly! Who was it who said "The unexamined life is not worth living?" Socrates.


In general, no, we are all ignorant about something or some field of study. But, yes, when we as a people are willfully ignorant about such things as: politics/political issues, tribal loyalty, science, biology, evolution and racial/sexual equality.


Not really.

We were all ignorant about every topic at some point. It is just a state of incompleteness.

Now willfully choosing ignorance over knowledge, that’s a different story altogether.


Is that q question? Ignorance limits what a person thinks and the way he or she thinks. Anything that limits human development is bad.


Only from an informed perspective.


Yes, ignorance is bad. To be ignorant is to not experience the one life you have.


If you do not know you are ignorant then it is no problem - for you. You can continue to be used as a pawn for what you have been convinced is the greater good. What you don't know can't hurt you?


No, ignorance is not bad.

Remaining and accepting ignorance is bad.


Ignorance is bad,
innocence is good.


The answer:

Yes Ignorance is bad, but that doesn't stop it from being necessary or inevitable.

We start off with an empty bucket and fill it with experience.

To be lacking in experience is good or bad subjectively to the content of the experience, but it is inherently a negative, since the experience is lacking.


No one knows anything except superficially. A person might appear ignorant to me because I know things he doesn’t. But I am not aware of the things he knows that I don’t.

On the question of religion, you might judge a person who believes in God to be “willfully ignorant”, but in fact, it’s just that his opinion is different than yours. No one knows the answer.


no , sad maybe


All of us are ignorant over a broad range of topics and disciplines. There are several things that make ignorance a bad thing. Probably the most important in that group is willful ignorance. The majority of the religious are guilty of this one. Next on that negative list is the person who is ignorant, but accepts that condition as 'just the way things are' and makes no effort to remedy the situation.

Ignorance itself is something that can be fixed with education. It is not an intrinsically bad thing. All people need is a little drive and desire to change themselves for the better, and that is where the problem is. In the case of the willfully ignorant, they don't want to learn. There are many reasons for that. These people must deal with cognitive dissonance much of the time. Those who accept their ignorance as 'just the way things are' are not much different, but there is a possibility that members of this group can be reached.

So, is ignorance bad? In the case of those who have the drive to fix the issue, no. It is only bad when it interferes with the advancement of our species or poses a danger of any kind. What is truly bad are those among us who attempt to keep others ignorant to support their agendas and/or for profit. The clergy is a prime example of this type, even those who are a bit more progressive and open-minded.


Ignorance is always a bad thing. That is not to say a person who is ignorant is a bad person, although they are far more likely to do bad things. And then there are those who chooses to remain ignorant which is a whole other ball of wax...


In the real world, ignorance is just another way of describing focus.

In concept, it is not a bad thing.


I don't know but it sure seems to benefit a lot of people.


Yes. Not being aware of something will limit me. Not knowing something prevents me from acting appropriately.

I also use the definition of ignorance as ignoring some truth. When I'm presented the truth and willfully ignore it so I can retain my subjective bias. That's bad too.


Yes it is bad. There is power in knowledge. You can't make a good decision about something if you don't know all sides of the issue.

The more I know the more Evil I can do so.... want to run me thru that again?

@GipsyOfNewSpain If you are ignorant you can't overcome the evil ones who are more intelligent. Evil is in the personality not in the knowlege. You can still do evil if you are ignorant.

@RachelHudson So you are saying the knowledgeable can not do Evil. "JESUS H FUCKING CHRIST RETARD GOD ALMIGHTY!".

@GipsyOfNewSpain No, that is not what I'm saying. What I am saying is that both can do evil but the only way to overcome evil doers is through knowledge.
And there is never any reason for such personal attacks. It is rude and disrespectful.


Not at all.
How can you be blamed for not knowing something that you don't know you should know?

Tell that to law enforcement if you are ever questions about breaking the law.

you should always be searching for information and truth. at least that's the way I see it, but I'm a nerd, always have been. I love learning.

You know you should know the law and hence my statement doesn't apply. 😉

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