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World Cup 2018

Someone posted this question in the Football/Futbol/Soccer group but I thought I would ask out here.

Who is your favorite for the World Cup this year?

If you don't follow/like sports...move along no need to soapbox your opinion here

Crimson67 8 June 2

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México is one of my favorites, and a little disappointed that Italia & The Netherlands did not qualify for the world Cup.


Cameroun because my ex was born there

@Crimson67 I only followed Brazil&Pele years ago besides Cameroun in their championship year


Ukraine obviously. Of course, Ukraine is boycotting which would make it really spectacular if they win!


I rather fancy Spain - but Argentina, despite Messi's age, are still potent. Then of course, Russia will have an advantage - Putin might even arrest members of opposing teams! 😉


Since the USA didn’t qualify, I will be going for Mexico.

balou Level 8 June 2, 2018

I will root for Mexico


I'm gonna ignore the obvious favorites and plump for Spain ?



Coldo Level 8 June 2, 2018

I don't get soccer - a sport where you can't use your hands? Seems fine for 5 year olds, because they don't have the skill or strength to play real sports yet.

gater Level 7 June 2, 2018

@Crimson67 Its not hate - its a lack of understanding - I really don't get soccer, I played it as a child but it seems silly for adults.


Two things I hate about soccer though:
. Flopping
. There's only 1 ref, which simply can not manage flopping

Do you you mean "diving". Some referees now issue yellow cards for that!


Flopping = Diving

@Bierbasstard I know what diving is just never heard it called flopping. In answer to the original post, there's one ref and two linos so they should spot it but if players weren't trying it on there wouldn't be an issue.
And in answer to yours, if the refs worth a wank he should add the time on even if it's in time added on but most of them lack the balls to do it 🙂

@jujuofthesea Thought so, just checking 🙂

Oh, that's sad. An unsportsmanlike conduct is now glorified. Boo.

@Crimson67 And that's the problem, if it's being coached you might as well give style marks out rather than penalise it lol


I won't know until the game starts. I root for the team that plays the prettiest. That's true with all sports.


No gray area there then! lol

Don't have a favourite, I'm English so I'm stuck with them. Hope springs eternal as always 🙂

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