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How do you make your grilled cheese sandwiches?

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JenBeberstein 8 June 2

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Butter with a thin tomato slice.


Just enough butter to toast the bread. If I'm feeling brave or adventurous I will add some ham in there. Mostly just cheese.

Grilled ham and cheese. One of my faves!


Take two pieces of hearty bread. Smear both sides of each with butter. Place cheese of choice between (usually a sharp cheddar). Place in pan on stovetop. Heat until crusty. Flip and heat other side until crusty. Remove from heat. Cut into quarters. Serve with warm tomato soup.


Butter on the outside, cheddar and crispy bacon on the inside


Butter on the outside; strong English cheddar on the inside. Cook it in the oven on a high heat. sometimes ham or tomato inside; sometimes grated parmesan over the top.

  1. Put the bread in the toaster and activate mechanism
  2. Hold the cheese over the toaster to heat up
  3. Slap that soft cheese between the two toasted pieces of bread
  4. Consume.

No vote, but I use a "george forman", cheese and bread.

I do the same!

@BillF Men!


Butter , bread , american cheese and BBQ sauce


Homemade, whole wheat bread with Tillamook sharp cheddar cheese. Unsalted butter.

Sometime I add sliced tomatoes or pesto.


If I have some on hand, I prefer bacon drippings.

NOW we’re cooking!!!


I am a savage, I drop the cheese on a bbq plate, let it all bubble and carry on, when liquid i place bread over is. Leave it until the cheese is crisp,


Butter and American cheese. Maybe a slice of ham.


Real butter and on a cast iron skillet is the only way!

Is there any other way? 🙂

I cook everything in my iron frying pan!


Butter, never heard of using mayonnaise .. I eat grilled cheese with ham .. I don't like just cheese


Cheese has to be grated & I normally have 2/3 varieties depending on what I want & have in fridge. I'm more likely than not to add diced onion too.


Mayonnaise??? What the actual F? I’ve never heard of that ?

Try it. I was dubious too, but it's great.

The first time my then husband made grilled cheese he put it in my sandwich. I took one bite and asked him to never put it in mine again. It was disgusting


I don't eat dairy (to avoid cancer). Vegan cheese doesn't melt properly unfortunately.

Makes pizza difficult as well. ?


Cream cheese and other varieties of what I have on hand. I make the grilled cheese that will melt in your mouth. ?


just bread and cheese

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