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What cha want in life??? Dont be SHY?


Just watch it and sing along! Lol!

BucketlistBob 8 Dec 22

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To love, and be loved. And marzipan.

Jnei Level 8 Jan 3, 2018

To be famous and successful so I can leave a mark on the world after I’m gone.



More yarn!


To see a better world.


I know I don't want to be any of those things.. just foot loose and fancy free.. hippie dippie playin with good friends and fine wine. oh ya.. can't forget good rock tunes too! 😉

Thats my wife.. she loves that movie footloose. I hear oldies all day long. She plays 3 radios at one Time. The house is rocking. That untill she stalls out and falls in her chair. Them its all those crime shows...yuck.

Sounds like you are married to a good rockin women who knows her music. I tend to be more of a head banger myself.

@mistymoon77 yep.. Susie's been to a lot of concerts... I'll talk about a group and she'll say I've seen


to help animals with my art by selling it.

Very cool..

thank you


To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women.


This goes with @Sassygirl3869 answer to post


Ok I feel like today is true confessions day. I wanted to be married to a rock star. At least thats what I thought 22 years ago when I married my ex-husband. A friend of mine from college insisted I come see her friend Scotty's band Mantis before they went on tour with Aerosmith. I learned the keyboard player was Zach Nillson, Harry Nillson was his father. Ringo Starr was his godfather. They had gone out to California and were waiting for the release of their album. It was exciting ....we were going to a barbecue at Joe Perry's. Scotty went to high school with Steven Tallarico (tYLER). I was psyched for the tour-going to Japan. It was an exciting time. Needless to say it all went south. The band's manager ended up suing us in court, album never got major release and Zach moved to California to write music trailers. Second act involved a new keyboard player who moved in my basement-Jerry Deagan from Ireland. Sony went to see the band under a new manage. He was backed by Bobby Orrr, James Sokolove (tv lawyer) and some others. He had celebrity cousins-Furst family-Stephen from Animal House and the Jordan furniture guys. Needless to say they never made it as rock stars and I wasn't married to one.

Damn the luck... my wife has been 2 corporate secretaries and few big business secretaries. When I met her she was a project manager. So... she's told me some things that made me laugh and cry. That's as close to being a rockstar that I've been acquainted with. She was flying all over the USA. Had to quit those jobs because of sexual harassment. Not the project manager jobs. I was there at the right time and lucked


I want a regular house in a atheist neighborhood with people who would support my ideals without expecting a copyright, trade mark (jesus/god).

Well brouther... we're going to have to use this forum for our house... that's not bad at all.


A revolving door of beautiful women?
Really, further education and future security for my daughter.

I bet you've already had that fun....and you just want to have it good plan for your daughter.

Not really. I’d prefer just one beautiful woman.


Mainly an at least somewhat accurate understanding of reality, but I don't think I'd mind if I died with the mind I currently have... If I had to choose between that or having enough money to leave behind to those that survived me for a cremation/burial, I'd put the intellect part on the back burner and go for the leaving money behind choice.

Hang in there Zachary... you can nogociate that down to $250.00. It comes in a plastic container. We poured it around a flower garden.


At near 60 I still want to be a big rock star. Some dreams never die.

Sure sounds good...problem for me is i can't sing dance or play anything...i just dig the

@FortyTwo hey ! Alrighty! Keeping it alive!

@FortyTwo @BucketlistBob talent is relative. The Ramones were talented but that talent was in a very limited area. Mozart was immensely and diversely talented but died a pauper, only to be "discovered" after his death.

Since YOLO, I won't stop trying!



I saw this vid a wile back and i thought it was pretty cool


i would like to be able to retire without fear of poverty

@MsOliver I love harry potter... my mom would sit there all day watching these movies. Heck... so would

@MsOliver lucky you have a job you love and you can continue late in life

@MsOliver What! I love those movies too... I feel like I'm right there with them and it feels my wife thinks I'm nuts... but that's ok. I think shes nuts watching those investigations discoverery crime shows all day. Well not every

@gingervista way to go!

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