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What is your favourite place OUTSIDE of your own country, and why?

Hate to hold up a mirror, but......

Whilst this site is full of freethinkers, I still find it to be very US-centric.

Of course, most of you are from the States.

But so many of the questions posed and comments made don't really look beyond US borders.

And therein lies a fundamental problem for us all; if we are unable or unwilling to look for answers beyond our own scope of understanding, or indeed, our own borders, then we are almost certainly doomed to repeat past failures.

So to hopefully kick off an entirely new method of thought for many, I figured I'd do it in an open, free-for-all way, that could hopefully spark further discourse.

So what is your favourite place (country, city, location) that exists outside of your own country, and why?

No caveats on the why. It could simply be because it's beautiful. It could be because you respect their politics or way of life or....

Well, anything, really.

So please, have at it. I'll add a few of mine in due course. 🙂

Kreig 7 Dec 22

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So , not counting either of "my own " countries, the first that springs to mind is Thailand. I spent 10 days in July going from Singapore to Bangkok by train, and loved just about every minute of it. We stayed in a national park Khao Sok. So beautiful. Food is the best, people are friendly and easy going. Thailand is the only nation in the region never under the thumb of Europeans; they have a bit of an obsessive relationship to their (late) king, but ... good things like 13% of the nation is national park. More than any other in Asia, I think. They should do what NZ wants to do, and charge tourist a fee to finance the parks, as lack of funding means lack of protection.


Well only been to Canada...but I personally would love to go to Iceland


Brugge. I went during the holiday season, found a super cheap B&B in a house built in the late 1600’s which had always been inhabited/owned by artists, much of the art in the house was for sale. Little patio off the bedroom, a creek 40 yards away, hadn’t snowed yet the leaves were so beautiful. Seafood was amazing, The whole city was really relaxing,

@Kreig I think you know where I’m headed next!


Well....o would like to go to Lancashire England. I know it is now the UK. I was born there. That's it for me . Susie wants to go to Italy....


Easy!! Stockholm, Sweden! I was fortunate enough to spend 5 months there in the late 90's while working for Ericsson. I fell in love with it's beautiful archipelago with 10,000 plus islands, (My weekends were spent riding the ferries from island to island just exploring.) Gamla Stan (Old Town) with it medieval feel and look. The people!! OMG, very warm and welcoming. Family and friends get sick of hearing about Sweden, because it had such an impact on me, I talk about it or reference it (.....when I was in Sweden.....) waaaaaay too much. LOL The rest of the country is also great, I went to Gothenburg and traveled some in the North.


Gamla Stan:

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