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Greetings from the heartless-land, full of fascists for Jesus. My fambly has lots of 'em.

I'm brand new here, and I didn't get the spelling jean, so be nice 'cause cry easily.

SteveBeeney 4 Dec 22

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Welcome brother...


Best intro yet! Welcome, Steve!


Hi, Steve, It must be very hard being a notch on the old bible belt. I am 4th or 5th generation "Godless", People tell me that I`m "lucky" for that. I do not always understand "God-fearing" people but I always try. Keep your chin up! There is NOTHING wrong with the way you think. Maybe you should say to family "would you rather I was Muslim"? J.K.! Anyways, nice to meet you. B.

You've chosen a superb user name. In my house, she is St Boudicca.


Welcome aboard


Welcome to the group Steve, but take care least your feeling be hurt for the waters are teaming with snarks and crocigators.

Lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my!


Woosie, crybaby. 😉

Hey. Be nice.


Welcome to I live in an area that's largely dominated by the Religious Right. Most of the people in my town are very Conservative and many of them are rabid Trump supporters. So I feel your pain.

What a bummer.

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