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"What is normal?" Gordi La Forge.
"Normal is what is everyone else is and you are not." Dr. Soran.

DoDapper 8 Oct 26
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Aboriginal Law must sit on top of whiteman's law, because 'our Law is the Law of this land'
Lawman Murray George (APY Lands), makes a point at the gathering in Old Parliament House
Lawman Murray George (APY Lands), South Australia, makes a point at the gathering of Nations, Old Parliament House
4 December 2013

Statement by Pangarte Rosalie Kunoth-Monks and Ghillar Michael Anderson, head spokespersons for the Sovereign Union:

The Sovereign Union Gathering of Nations in Canberra on 23-24 November 2013 raised the bar higher for the political agenda, than at any other time in the Aboriginal struggle.

Our discussions with senior Lawman Murray George of Pitjantjatara/Yankunytjatjara Nation (APY Lands) and Senior Lawman Harry Nelson, Alyewarre Nation and Lawman Ray Loy of the Atnatjere Nation confirmed that the Aboriginal sovereignty movement has its genesis and its foundation within ancient Aboriginal Law.

This was confirmed when senior Lawman Harry Nelson presented the Gathering of Nations with his most sacred Law symbol that he had brought from his Country, where it was united with the sacred Law symbol of the Euahlayi Nation.



AmmaRE007 Level 7 Jan 1, 2019

I really don't know what is normal. Once people get to know me, I"ve always been called weird.. Or worse... I finally accept myself and normal isn't important.

AmmaRE007 Level 7 Oct 26, 2018

Weird’s good!

Normal can be another word for boring so never be normal.


Interestingly, ‘normal’ has ever shifting constructs. Many of today’s ‘normals’ are because many of yesterday’s fringe dwellers paid dearly for their belief in an alternative way. Lollards, Suffragettes, MLK as examples

Geoffrey51 Level 8 Oct 26, 2018

exactly !


Standing outside the herd can be a liberating experience, it can also be dangerous.

rcandlish Level 7 Oct 26, 2018

Yes, what's different is dangerous, says the animal brain. Rational evaluation of possible threat must be directly taught.

@Hellas and yet what is different is also appealing.

@AmmaRE007 some find it so. I know i do.



Hellas Level 6 Oct 26, 2018

Normal simply refers to the social norm, that which is usual, standard, or typical of the society that you live in. So, if you want to be "normal" you will have to keep changing with the social norms of the culture, or subculture, that you live in.

Heraclitus Level 8 Oct 26, 2018

As the term is used, it means common. Common, however, is not normal.

Mitch07102 Level 8 Oct 26, 2018

Story of my life. Fuck normal and fuck normal people. We're better than normal, let them be as normal as they can.

IdenIzzat Level 4 Oct 26, 2018

It depends what you mean by ´normal´. If you look at it from the statistical point of view it is quite easy to define what is normal, but if you are using it in a looser social and emotive sense then the discussion will be endless!

CeliaVL Level 7 Oct 26, 2018

yes, I agree with this also.


Normality is an abstract and false (nonexistant) concept. Like "perfect" and "tomorrow".

DoDapper Level 8 Oct 26, 2018

And unique and infinite.

@rogerbenham - The vast majority of implied absolutes are fallacious.


Normal doesn't exist in reality. We are all different in varying degrees.


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