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This is Gumby. She’s my Madagascar Giant Day Gecko. She’s quite a character. We’ve bonded over many moments of stuck shed removals (some of these guys are prone to shedding problems despite all you do to keep the right humidity).

graceylou 8 Apr 16
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she looks so sweet - & a bit expectant (not mother,rather a treat).

That’s possible. She’s a day gecko so she’s active during the day unlike most other geckos. She gets her crickets in the morning although she does have a fruit smoothie to free feed on.


She's beautiful.


What happens if a piece stays on?

btroje Level 9 Apr 17, 2018

She goes into the sauna for about 20 min (small critter keeper with rough reptile carpet and kept moist). Then I would take her out and work off those stuck sheds with a moistened Q-tip. She has extremely delicate skin like a soft fabric that moves around. So it's quite a tedious operation. I don't worry too much with skin stuck on most of her body except the tail (especially the end of the tail), the toes, and the ear holes. The rest would come off the next good shed. The less I mess around with the skin the better. I've kept conditions the same and sometimes she has amazing clean sheds, sometimes awful sheds. Some people have kept pairs in the same enclosure and conditions and one would have perfect sheds and the other terrible sheds. It's their nature I guess. I wouldn't recommend them for beginners.

@graceylou and if a piece stays on will it cause a problem?

@btroje If you leave the stuck shed on the toes and tail it can constrict those parts and cut off blood circulation. Those parts will die off and can lead to worse things for the animal. If the ear shed doesn’t come off, it can lead to bacteria hiding there. Again, not good. Everywhere else I try my best to get off but if I risk tearing the skin I would leave stuck shed on and just keep her extra moist so she can rub on things and get it off herself.

@graceylou thanks now I get it



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