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Andrew Scheer will win in the next federal election... Trudeau has messed Canada up to bad.

flawed_design97 4 June 7
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He is a believer just like you.No thanks,I like my politicians silent about their beliefs.The fact I know he loves Jeebus makes him annoying.That is what I love about Canada is that most people do not talk about who they vote for or what they believe.Name one thing that has changed in my 51 years in Canada that is different now.Not one politician or one law has changed one thing in my life.

actofdog Level 8 July 1, 2019

I find it interesting that so many people are buying into the smear campaign targeting the PM. I have never voted Liberal in my life but I think that when you compare Trudeau the Younger to other PM's going back to his father, he has a done a pretty good job, especially when you consider how much of a change he has attempted to make to the Canadian political system. That Trudeau has accomplished as much as he has in so short of time and on the heals of a Harper government that trashed so much of our democracy is something he should be praised for but instead there are vague suggestions of how he might have done better. Better than who? Harper? Chretien?
What I see is a concerted attempt to bring Canada more in line with the US and this is by outside interests to the south of our border. I usually vote Green but I may actually vote Liberal for the first time in my life in this fall election.

Surfpirate Level 9 June 8, 2019

I am so behind you on this. Trudeau's government has improved Canada's economy. A lot of people say that he is devisive and ruining the economy. He has made his mistakes yes but nowhere near democratic ones that Harper made. He is the only leader who will actually deal with a heckler and ask others to listen to what the guy has to say. Trudeau is trying to balance everything and that is almost impossible but at least he is trying. Alberta doesn't like him because JT listens to both sides.
The conservative rhetoric makes no sense and Scheer has not demonstrated any class. He has aligned himself with ford and well what more do we need to say about that fiasco. There was a time when at least conservative leaders demonstrated some class but that is out the window now. To say the least, this will remind of us of the old Chinese curse, "May you live in interesting times."


I knew Trudeau would never be fit for the job of Prime Minister. The way he quickly turned around about reforming the election system right after his election. For me it's just one more proof that he's nothing more than a puppet whose strings are pulled by the Toronto banksters cartel. Or when he signed the Paris agreement on climate, only to turn around and buy an oil pipeline pour 4.5 billions$! How about that SNC-Lavallin mess?! It's a private wing of the liberal corruption system!
But talk about going from bad to worse: Andrew Scheer?! Is he going the declare martial law to pass his tar crap pipelines through Quebec and BC?!!! Is he going to ban abortions and to bring back death penalty? The 1950's have called. They want their outdated ideas back!
Jagmeet Singh? He seems out of his element outside the Toronto area.
Anyway, that's Canadian business. I'm voting for the Bloc Québécois. A strong majority of the Quebec seats for the Bloc and a minority government for the liberals or the tories, that would be funny.


ughh I fckng hope not. Cons always fck things up and bring about so much cuts that fck over many people, except the wealthy and rich. I wish people would vote NDP more already. I mean they make one goddam mistake in history and are written off forever?! blegh

@ToolGuy Well older generations than me reference that one stint NDPs had in Ontario as a fckup and somehow that was their ONE chance to get it right and never more will they be given another chance. I think his name was bob rae?

@ToolGuy Just a few points of clarification: what does BoC-caused mean? And what does POSO mean? 😕

I guess my point was, even IF! that party theoretically fckd up ONCE, the liberals and cons have fckd up numerous times historically yet both those parties get re-elected. -_-

@ToolGuy I suppose it is just diehard cons spreading lies as per usual then. In any case despite what they bitched about from the past, I would still vote NDP, as it is new party members/leaders compared to one from the 80s.

@demifeministgal Ok I am one of those people older than you, and if you talk to Bob Rae he will say that he was proud of what he did. He left the province with a lower deficit than the previous government, the economy was on the upswing, but the media and people who feared just left of centre socialism. People focus on the Rae days but they were a very classy way of making cutbacks. Everyone suffered instead of a select group of unlucky pele who would get laid off. He tried to balance the pain in the most humane way. I guess that says something about the people of Ontario who were unwilling to suffer a little along with their neighbour.


Well trade you for Trump. No questions asked. No refund or exchanges. Sold as is.


I will never again vote conservative, & have never voted ndp.

@ToolGuy Harper finished me, & I have never been ndp.

@ToolGuy I don't like politics, or politicians, & I am not interested in any of them. I vote because I have to, but am not party loyal to any.

@ToolGuy I am not political, I don't understand politics, & I am not interested in learning. What you said is waaaaay beyond my level.

@ToolGuy I know that.


The election is Trudeau's to lose and he appears to be doing just that. Breaking his promise to end FPTP elections will bite him on the ass. He traded the support he had across the country for support he will never get in Alberta.


I hope not.. I certainly won’t be voting for Scheer

Green_eyes Level 8 June 7, 2019

Neither will I.


Î doubt it. Scheer has no chance in Québec and not much traction in BC or the Maritimes.

amymcmxcii Level 6 June 7, 2019

Hopefully Sheer will not be as corrupt and leave the bible at home.

1ROBROY2 Level 7 June 7, 2019

Scheer i do not want anything to do him, consider him another Drump or Ford ,His negative views on women and discriminating against them ,I know trudea has been a disappointment in a lot of ways ,but still would vote that way over Scheer but the green and ndp have some good ideas and probably more up front honest leaders ,The two ladys who were kicked out of the liberal party,would love to see one of them take control of one of the partys,,they seem to want to get rid of old school ,Personally I think partys should be banned for 10 years and all the corruption they bring to parliment and all the members voted in have a free vote so they can really work for the country and there ridings with out being penalized


Unfortunately, you may be right. Trudeau has not "messed up Canada", but he is certainly a huge disappointment, and I was not expecting much. What a choice! Brainless bimbo-boy or Nazi Harper-clone Scheer. I wish we still had Mulcair in the race.

Arouet Level 7 June 7, 2019

agree with you

I don't look at him as brainless bimbo boy. He is a guy who is trying to keep everyone happy and is finding out that that is not possible given the diverse needs and wants of the various provinces. He has taken some decisive stands on issues that should be considered important such as the environment, the question of the genocide of native women. His stance against trump. That should be a gage of his effectiveness, how much tRump hates him. And he does.

@Simmer51 His decisive stands end once the speech is over. He is a bit like Trump only prettier and more polite. He says things because he likes how they sound, not because he has either the intention or the will to follow through. "The last FPTP election...", "Because it's 2015...", "We take (insert fuck-up here) very seriously..." Fine sounding words, but to quote another dramaturge, "Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing." Trump doesn't hate him; Trump despises him. It's not the same thing.

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