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Sir help me?

By Sheannutt9
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I_dont_know Level 7 Aug 6, 2018

This made me think of my childhood kitty. She was so sweet and so accepting. My sister dressed her up in baby clothes. This is Cocoa. She was my first heart cat, and the most gentle cat we ever had. When a small child picked her up, she'd go limp. And when that child put her down, she'd head for the hills. She was perfect for a house full of kids.

HippieChick58 Level 9 Aug 5, 2018

She looks like China...My cat giving me the High 5...so loving and docile...pretty kitty!!!

@RobertNappi2 Her name was Cocoa, she "followed" my brother home from work one evening. She had a close encounter with a car at one point, and after that I was pretty much her human of choice. She would sit on the stairs at 9 pm and meow at me if I wasn't going to bed. My folks thought it was hysterical. She was Siamese, don't know if she was purebred or not. Didn't matter, she was all cat.

My granddaughter had a kitty she used to dress her up and she didn't mind it it was pretty weird.

My Mom had a black tom cat in the 1930's. He would let her dress him up and push him in a pram.

They weren't commonly neutering cats back then. I can't imagine a giant tom being that calm. But apparently he loved my Mom. smile015.gif


2 damn funny...Luv it!!!

RobertNappi2 Level 8 Aug 5, 2018

Yes the look on his face makes it funny


LOL!! love it!

HippieChick58 Level 9 Aug 5, 2018

When I first read it I couldn't stop from laughing it's so funny

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