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"Look at all the murders to commit!"

By Hathacat9
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Destructive impulses overloaded...

kmdskit3 Level 8 Nov 13, 2018

I have not put up a tree in several years. I have had no visitors during the season so why bother. Now that I have two active little pin heads... I think I will maintain the status quo. I adore my girls, but they get into enough stuff as it is, they really, and I do mean really don't need any more toys.

HippieChick58 Level 9 Nov 12, 2018

Miss my cat, once I stabilize my life I intend to find another to keep me company.

WayneDalton Level 7 Nov 12, 2018

Hope things normalize for you.

@Hathacat maybe someday?


Cats have the appearance of a serial killer in a cuddly body

WayneDalton Level 7 Nov 12, 2018

Oooooo gooodie......toys!!!!!!

Lilac-Jade Level 8 Nov 11, 2018

Those eyes reflect such...Kitty is seeing everything it has ever wanted in one place!


Oooooh, creepy eyes! She’s practically salivating!

Psmintexas Level 6 Nov 11, 2018

That tree is a goner!


This really made my night, thanks.

orange_girl Level 8 Nov 11, 2018

Awesome face. The eye dilation alone!

@Hathacat I know!

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