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Could someone make sure this happens for me? It just can't get better than this, lol.

Hathacat 9 June 8
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Are there any Atheist farmers here who would dedicate a tiny plot of their land for a private cemetery? No zoning or regulations would be required....28 square feet for each grave ....people pay in advance for the back hoe to make a 6 foot deep place and a little extra for a expert horticulturist to tend recommended plantings ....I recommend stone chairs instead of headstones so mourners can come sit on the names dates and epitaphs chiseled by the monument companies....only Atheist Orbits allowed on military markers already paid for by Congress....plain pine coffins can be lined with bed clothes of the deceased in familiar colors and fabrics.... gawdless private human family of freethought no fake faiths interred

And a cat photo engraved on my stone chair

Grave side services include ropes to lower down the coffin and shovels for mourners to move the dirt back over the eternal recycling rest bed

Corliss Lamont and Colonel Ingersoll authored wonderful eulogies mourners need only fill in the blanks with names and unique praises for the deceased

I would think there are a lot of rules to open your own cemetary. I will have to look into this.

@Hathacat in Iowa as most rural property families can bury people there after a physician signs the death certificate.....only if the cause of death is one of listed diseases can the body be buried without embalming.....of course if a "cemetery" wants to sell plots and markers there are laws for those businesses sales taxes property taxes zoning....I may be buried in IOWA'S ONLY INFIDEL CEMETERY located on the BEVAN FAMILY FARM the deed is recorded since the 1860's IN PERPETUITY a grave "for the unchurched"....Captain Elbridge Gerry Potter Atheist and Mason thus instituted this use of his family land....about 8 Atheists besides him are buried there alongside religious descendants and inlaws


Those into reincarnation, must hope for rebirth as the feline version of " a pig in shit " . Look how happy puss is.


Green cemeteries in S Carolina and NY would oblige but most mow down everything that grows except grass if not spraying herbicides and pesticides that kill wildflowers and butterflies


Great Idea!!!!



Rob1948 Level 7 June 8, 2019


Rob1948 Level 7 June 8, 2019

Brillient idea !

Cast1es Level 9 June 8, 2019

What a great idea! I may go for that myself 👍😻

MojoDave Level 9 June 8, 2019
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