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One thing about both January 6 and recent disastrous Court decisions: They can remind one that politics is always, in some aspect(s), a mass phenomenon. That is, the former was the work of both a demagogue and a mob, thirty-million-or-so strong, and as for the latter, the Court consists of persons appointed by elected officials. And if way too many of the aforementioned "masses" are quite stupid and easily manipulated when it comes to politics, what inferences should one take from this for one's own politics? It seems to me that this is a crucial question, maybe the crucial question, of these strange and frightening times. Right now I don't have a fucking clue about the answer, or answers.

AlanCliffe 6 July 1
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You're right, politics and laws are greatly influenced by the social culture (e.g. gun control in the US in response to school shootings compared to different responses in Australia and the UK).

The inference for ourselves is that we might be just as easily fooled when it comes to issues, particularly those we feel strongly about. Taking a step back to think critically, examining our beliefs, and listening to those with opposing viewpoints can help us check whether our own beliefs/politics are justified or not.

Freedom can be a fragile thing and we need to be aware of when it is reasonable for our freedoms to be restricted (must pass a test before being allowed to drive) and when it is not (10yo Ohio girl denied abortion).

We need to fight where we can to stop our freedoms/rights being taken away, and also work within our sphere of influence to educate people so they become less stupid and prone to manipulation.

cyaegha Level 4 July 3, 2022

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