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Health Insurance May Rise 40% Next Year

For those of you still clinging to the old insurance industry's for-profit model of healthcare and asking "how can we afford pay for Medicare for All," the New York Times just reported that a new analysis is warning that U.S. health insurance premiums will increase as much as 40% next year if the coronavirus pandemic results in millions of Americans needing hospital stays. Perhaps what you should instead be asking "how are we gonna afford to pay for that?

johnnyrobish 7 Mar 30
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Ah the Mnuchin method. Foreclosure - if you own a home.

ArthurK Level 6 Mar 30, 2020

Yes sir!


But let's just go ahead and vote blue no matter who..cause the insurance companies are gonna need to give their CEO's a much needed raise. They've done sooo much for us after all.

Charlene Level 9 Mar 30, 2020

People should not forget that for profit health insurance and hospitals have only been legal since Ronald Ray-gun's tax simplification that paved the way for the corporate takeover of the US.

glennlab Level 9 Mar 30, 2020

F*****g Reagan was the beginning of the end.

@freeofgod he really was. His imposition of the disaster of trickle down economics should never be forget for the utter failure it has been as a social policy for the people.

Excellent point Glenn!

@OwlInASack The astounding part of the "trickle down" theory (picture the Koch brothers standing on top of a cliff, peeing down onto our heads as we meekly look up from the valley below) is that so many people continue to accept it even though it's proven to be bogus, over and over.

@OwlInASack And let's not forget his f'ing 'moral majority'. That has led to kids in cages and is about as immoral as one can get!

@freeofgod the moral majority founded in 1979 help get him elected. they were already know as the immoral majority, the name was stolen from Nixon's silent majority which was neither of either.(birds of a feather so to speak)

@glennlab Thanks glenn, It has always pissed me off no end that a political group would call themselves morally superior to anyone.

@dan325 think you might be talking about evidence and facts there... please do try harder. We want none of that sort of nonsense in a discussion about the right wing...

@OwlInASack Please accept my most humble apologies. Occasionally my mind becomes infected by a logical thought, no matter how hard I try to fight it. I obviously need to apply the antidote, which is to watch Fox "News," even though it makes my eyes and ears bleed.


They are always thieves

bobwjr Level 9 Mar 30, 2020

What he said.

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