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Now we are getting to know Biden. Biden is a politician. Biden is no ultra-honest deliverer. He knows where American-Jewish money comes from and where it goes. He knows that Jewish money can buy politicians, so he sings the 'required' song. By comparison, Mr. Sanders, a Jew by birth, wants all future arms sent to Israel to be stopped. Apparently Bernie has little interest in the evil restraints of religion- any religion.

A quote from Hanan Ashrawi, "We are the only people on Earth asked to guarantee the security of our occupier... while Israel is the only country that calls for defense from its victims."

Diogenes 8 May 24
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well here's another new wave agnostic yahoo, a lightly veiled anti semite that managed to sneak past the sleeping doorman. free speech, yes, free speech. but lets shine a flashlight on his web. after all thats what john milton's areopagitica tells us is the right thing to do.......................................

David Masci of the Pew Research Center looks at income and religious affiliation. Episcopalians and Presbyterians are among the wealthiest of Christian denominations.

Pew Research Center:

While there is a strong and proven correlation between education and income, it’s harder to know whether there also is a link between religion and wealth. What we can say is that members of some religious groups – not to mention atheists and agnostics – on average have a higher household income than others and those in the richest religious groups also tend, on average, to be better educated than most Americans.

Some of the most financially successful religious groups – Jews, Hindus, Episcopalians, and Presbyterians – also are all among the nation’s most educated as well. These rankings, which come from our 2014 Religious Landscape Study, are based on the percentage of people within each religious group who reside in households with a yearly income of $100,000 or more.

About four-in-ten Jews (44%) and roughly a third of Hindus (36%) and Episcopalians (35%) live in households with incomes of at least $100,000. Again, these groups also have high levels of educational attainment. For instance, nearly half of Hindu adults and almost one-third of Jewish adults hold postgraduate degrees. Indeed, in addition to education, other factors, such as age, race and ethnicity also are correlated with both religion and income.

Members of three other mainline Protestant denominations – the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and the United Methodist Church –also have high household income. So, too, do self-identified atheists and agnostics, which may call into question any link between high levels of religious belief and wealth. Members of all these groups also are more likely to be highly educated than the general population.


so jews, not only cut and strong from carrying around their money bags, are also the second highest educated group among the religions. quel supris. also, jews rank #1 on average i.q., at 115. maybe that is whats irking our canadian aquaintace, under his facade. jews recently endured something called the holocaust. by 1945 there were 50,000 live jews left in europe. worldwide it was met with indifferent banal lip service protest. but in the arab world....the grand mufti gave full throated support to hitler. maybe we should cut the jews some slack in their reality based security pre occupation

there's a long wiki article about jewish efforts to lobby for isreal. duh? isreal is about survival. how about shining our flashlight beyond the afore referenced canadian yahoo, onto the new "progressive" rabid feminist, BLMy wing, in some individual congressmen the arab wing of the democratic party. didnt they almost capsize bidens cruise ship with public pre election anti semitic statements?

holdenc98 Level 7 July 4, 2021

Perhaps we brothers, Israel is our bad ass brother who we secretly admire because he gets away which shit we wish we could. Every American Jew I've known is appalled at "their" country's behaviour. ( insert Yiddish word )

NHwoodsman Level 4 May 25, 2021

yes...I was sad when he seemed to "side" with Israel and kind of swept the atrocities going on under the rug....but we all know that the Republicans were applauding him. I'm glad both Tlaib and A.O.C. accosted him...maybe he passed on the "pressure" to Netanyahu. Sad to see what's going on there.

FYI; To date,the United States has provided Israel $146 billion (current,or non-inflation-adjusted,dollars) in bilateral assistance and missile defense funding. At present, almost all U.S. bilateral aid to Israel is in the form of military assistance....."

Do the math. From '48 until last November is over 72 years. That comes to over $5 million aid per day.

Read for's an official document;


Robecology Level 9 May 24, 2021

I was rooting for Elizabeth Warren, but she's a politician as well.
When push came to shove, lets face it, anyone was better than Trump.
Sure we could have all wasted our vote by writing in Bernie but do you honestly think that would have been a good idea in the last election?
Some of us have been watching politics a damned long time.
This issue of Israel isn't as simple in the US as voting for any given politician, what we have is a large minority of self identified Christian fundamentalist convinced that "Israel" is spiritually special. I put Israel in quotes because the Israel these people believe in isn't the Israel that exist, just as the Trump they are loyal too isn't the Trump that exist. Between Trump and Israel Christian delusion would choose Israel hands down over Trump, such is the nature of their delusion.
Then comes the confusion of equating support of Israel with not being antisemitic. These are the same people that will tell you they aren't racist because they have a black friend, what they don't tell you is that friend was from high school 35 years ago and the scope of that friendship constituted them coming over for a party once when they were accidentally invited.
So when we say that Israel is committing human rights violations and war crimes these shallow racist Christians only hear you saying that you hate Israel as if it were out of the blue and unjustified. To them opposing Israeli policy in Gaza is antisemitic, but don't get it confused most of them are still from suspicious of to full on hateful of actual Jews. After all in their minds the Jews are the Christ killers even though Christian philosophy clearly teaches that everyone killed Christ, not that Christians are aware of their own philosophies, especially the humanitarian/humanist portions.
So I doubt even Bernie could have pulled off doing the right thing without the support of a larger majority of Americans than currently support the suspension of arms sales to Israel, Congress would crap all over that idea.
Seriously if we can't get gun control of any kind at all with thousands and thousands of Americans killed by gun violence every year how exactly do you think you'll persuade them to stop spreading armed violence to every other country on Earth?
We need a paradigm shift in our national awareness so we can change Congress, we have to move back from fascism, so it's homework that's unpleasant and difficult because your crazy uncle that lives in the woods is still expecting Jesus to show up any minute and until Jesus does he'll continue to support American fascism even if it involves killing a few snowflakes and ethnic minorities.
You can put it ALL on Biden if you want to, but honestly that puts you in the same neighborhood as your fucking uncle.

To answer your question...Yes...I honestly think Bernie not only could have won, but would have gotten more done sooner. But it's possible the centrist mood of the nation might have let Trump win.

@Robecology It was a certainty that Trump would have won had Bernie split the Democratic ticket, that is why Bernie endorsed Biden, Bernie is smarter than his supporters.
I think in 2024 Bernie will endorse AOC if he's still alive, and I'll be rooting for her.

@Willow_Wisp You're convinced. I'm not.

@Robecology None of that matters.

@Willow_Wisp A truism gets to be just too obvious- anyone knows that 'anything' would have been better than Dump. If either Sanders or AOC had won, I believe that the Trump-thing would have been much closer to prison than he is now. He is still letting the shit fall out of his gob.

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