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I look at the possibility of some afterlife as possible. I also look at the possibility of just dead as possible. I don't think it can statistically be stated upon science that one possibility over the other. Even if someone could say 90/10% there would still be those 10%. We can debate odds all we want but as we know as science gains understanding those odds can at anytime be highly variable. Science can't even speak to the existence or not of energy fields surrounding creatures much less humans. Being rational we can't discount the possibility of further discovery vs taking absence for science as evidence of its non existence. Just as the earliest humans didn't recognize DNA, brain function, etc doesn't mean those things didn't exist. The way I see it humankind has a long, long, long way to go. That's why for me, personally, I feel the best way to look at it is I don't know and well quite frankly, it is what it is.

FvckY0u 8 Dec 6
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"Being rational" should discount emotional involvement and, the topic of a god and especially an afterlife, is totally (100%) emotional. People believe all sorts of crap simply because they can't handle the truth and so want to believe whatever nonsense benefits them.


I can safely say my ego is quite healthy, BUT i like to think i am mature enough to accept that gone is gone, my ego is not out of control enough to think somehow "I" must survive.....


Well, it is true that we don't know if there is some sort of consciousness/soul/other after death. Science can tell us what happens to the body. I live with zero doubt that no man-made gods exist (Abrahanic, Hindu, Greek, Viking, etc). I expect nothing after death; if there is something, fine.


Sad - sorry for you...


The absence of evidence isn’t evidence of absence argument. Kind of like string theory; without a testable conjecture it’s just a philosophy, not science.

Garban Level 8 Dec 6, 2022

That's why I prefer the "agnostic" (un -knowing) term to the atheist (against theism) term.


We don’t know a lot of things…we accept that as fact. However, it isn’t rational to believe something without any tangible evidence, so it’s ok to say we have no knowledge of what happens beyond death therefore we can’t embrace the idea of an afterlife. That’s not to say it’s not a possibility, it’s just not something we can say we believe based on evidence at this present time. On laws of probability I’d say my scales of belief/disbelief are weighing heavily down on the side of disbelief, but hey I’m open to examining any credible evidence to the contrary!

I feel you. Going down the belief and/or faith route wasn't my intention. For me it's not a question of having belief or faith in something. I'm all for having it. What I'm totally against is what one chooses to believe or have faith in. I have no problem with a humanist having faith in humankind. That's where I'm at with belief/faith. I'm not advocating for any sort of belief. I'm simply saying my best conclusion is, why bother with it in the first place?

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