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If there is a governing force behind Nature; it is time for that force to be applied to all this impossible, unbelievable, evil. How can all this evil exist?

Diogenes 8 Jan 26
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The cosmos may be viewed as an unimaginably big bowl of soup with tiny galactic specks interspersed throughout it and no sign of a chef that could have added a sprinkling of good or evil intent.

ASTRALMAX Level 8 Jan 26, 2023

Ya, for me, it is depressing to know that too-- but how come there is never any "good"? At least it seems that way. Yep, and "good" is an adjective too.

@Diogenes Sadly, most of the news reports are of a negative nature and often give the false impression that nothing good happens in the world, occasionally we get a snippet of something good that happened. I’m sure many good things happen in the world every day we just don’t get to hear about them.

@ASTRALMAX Agreed, but why is here such an enjoyable fixation with the 'negative news'?

@Diogenes An interesting question to which I do not have a clear answer, except to say that negative news seems to occupy more mental space and lingers longer in the mind.


No one is coming to save us. We must do the work of changing whatever we feel needs to be different from how we found it.

skado Level 9 Jan 26, 2023

Yes! When a person wakes in the morning to start the day, do they intend to retell the bad news, or tell a joke, and instil some laughter. That may only be a small bit t work toward a better world.


Evil is an adjective not a noun…in my opinion it can be applied to describe the way someone acts, but it is not an entity in itself so there isn’t any such thing as “evil”. It can only be applied to people who act with evil intent..or malevolence in other words! The idea of evil as an entity is purely an invention by religions to make us fearful of the unknown., like fear of the Devil, Hell, or God for that matter.

Correct! Yep, I looked it up. I must stop using the colloquial. As you know, I am an Agnostic; I have no idea of how many Big Bangs there have been or how small the universe is compared to whatever surrounds it. "God?" Thanks for the humour! Anyone who would argue with a theist has too much time to waste

@Diogenes I didn’t need to look it up…I already knew! 😁

@Marionville Laugh, I will git ya! LOL. Thanks, somebody needs to wake me up.

My mantra, "I know nothing; I have never known anything, and if I've learned anything, by accident, I've forgotten it long ago." There!


I don't know. It is disconcerting and almost overwhelming. This red wave of Trumpers, other Republicans and other conservatives with complete and total disregard for the interests of the country and every one in it in favor of their own self interest. They are uncivil, uneducable and uncompromising. I wonder if this is how the Yankees felt about 160 years ago.

LovinLarge Level 8 Jan 26, 2023

Evil does not exist.
So the force is a farce.

I don't like the word "evil" either because I think it has a religious connotation. To me his post speaks to the desperation of how impotent we seem to be in coping with the Runaway Right.

@LovinLarge I have ZERO interest in ANY religion; I do not believe in any religious nonsense- that includes wearing one's hat/turban 24 hours of the day, whatever the number of hours----- or walking on water either.

@Diogenes "Evil" is legitimately used as a noun or adjective and doesn't necessarily have a religious connotation, if just strikes ME that way. Totally valid post.

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