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I'd like for everyone to consider a few thoughts.

First let's look at western medicine and science relating to it. What do most physicians trained in western medicine do? When was the last time a doctor provided you with any answers that didn't involve medication, surgery, or another costly medical device or procedure? If you don't want drugs or surgery there isn't any reason to go to a western doctor other than to check for disease so they can give you medication or surgery. Get the point? Remember you live in a capitalistic society.

I recently got kidney stones. I passed the first one. There were several small ones I also passed. The urologist was in a great big rush to get me into surgery and remove the remaining 6mm stone. I opted not to have surgery. The doctor kept pushing for it. I asked the doctor numerous times what I could do to get rid of the stone. Drink lots of water he'd say, having an orgasm also helps move the stone. He probably laughed inside as he was saying it. The reason being is he knew I wasn't going to pass a 6mm stone without horrible pain and probably pleading with him to surgically remove it. Not so fast, doctor.

I educated myself on kidney stones. I found that most kidney stones can be dissolved easily, quickly and pain free with a $7 bottle of organic lemon juice. I heard that many places. The best source was from a urologist. A urologist that is very much disliked by his peers. Face facts, in today's society it's all about making money. For urologist, kidney stones are a cash cow. They aren't going to tell their patients to drink lemon juice and leave them alone. Makes no fucking sense to do that. If you had a local urologist do that the others in the area would be beyond pissed off at them and he/she would be ostracized. So as a society we are told if you get kidney stones you'll get them throughout your life and you can either opt for a painful passage of them or expensive surgery. Your choice buddy. Wrong! There's a 3rd choice and it's far better than the other two that we are told about. Does western medicine not know that lemon juice solves this problem? Of course they do. They simply don't want you to know. So that's how western medicine is set up.

Look at western medicine as compared to eastern medicine from China and India, for example. Yes they have all this energy business. Some skeptics say it's BS. To those skeptical I say consider several facts. 1) most people skeptical of it are also almost completely ignorant of it. 2) Western medicine has spent little if any time and effort on "energy" related aspects of health and wellbeing. Only in the last couple of decades has any eastern ideas really started to take root in western medicine. You mean to tell me that societies that existed for thousands upon thousands of years and spent that time studying "energy" is all nonsense? That fact that western medicine has ignored it means it doesn't exist? Really, so if something is starring you in the face so long as you don't believe in it then it doesn't exist? That's what those that refuse to understand eastern medicine are saying.

Western medicine isn't even close to figuring out what eastern medicine has known for centuries. In the last 30 years western science has only just discovered that there are such things as mirror neurons. In that 30 years we know more but frankly we don't know shit about them yet. What don't we know about them? What other things don't we know? A lot. What do the really smart people know that we don't? Simple, they accept they don't know shit and that's what drives them. When you've got it all figured out then you're a nincompoop just waiting to die.

Fact is if you have it figured out and you've stopped searching for answers then you've stopped growing and you're simply dying. You"ve grown comfortable in your foolish ignorance and refuse to take another step forward. Your ignorance is yours and yours alone. The fact you share it with others, well that's not anything new. Look around, most everyone does it. The only question is what level of ignorance are you and those you associate with at. You may be a deep thinker but if the only thing in your ocean (brain) is water (and not other knowledge) then that's all you'll see and all you know. If you lack some knowledge then you lack the ability to form thoughts that are based upon all reality and only based upon your perception of what reality is. Then of course we get into ego which is a whole other topic.

So yes western medicine is where it's at. Get sick, get pills, have surgery and enjoy life. Those thousands of years that easterners studied medicine, well that's just stupid shit.

FvckY0u 8 May 20
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By Western medicine I presume you mean privatised health care as in the USA. ?. Here the NHS supposedly gives health care "free at the point of need" but it is currently stretched to the limit partly due to underfunding and partly due to people's unhealthy lifestyles so there can be a long waiting time for routine operations.
I'm sure Eastern medicine has many good points but there is a lot of nonsense as well. A good example is using the scales of the pangolin as a medicine. The poor beastie is almost extinct as a result.

Moravian Level 8 May 21, 2023

The plight of the pangolin has more to do with other factors that with Chinese medicine. For the previous many centuries as traditional chinese medicine was practiced the pangolin was in no such danger. Look beyond the the surface BS to find truth.

Yes, in regards to medicine it's always best to focus on the nonsense and leave the good points alone.

@FvckY0u A bit touchy. kidney stones causing some discomfort.?
Of course there are other factors in the decline of the pangolin such as deforestation and the fact that thee are eaten but the main factor is the use as a medicine. there is much more wealth in China so many more can afford it. They may as well eat their toenails.

@Moravian You're right

@FvckY0u We are not immune to ridiculous practices in the West. The NHS still offers homeopathy teatment at a hospital in London. What a waste of money

@Moravian homeopathy is something entirely different than eastern medicine. It was developed in 1796 by a german physician. A western physician. It's a pseudoscientific system of alternative medicine.

Of course here in the states we assume everything is based upon scientific study and discovery. Take for instance CBT (cognitive behavior therapy) that is the most prevalent form of therapy used by a mile. How did that come about? Any idea? Real simple, it's BASED upon stoic philosophy. That's right, it has a scientific basis but it's based upon ancient philosophy. So the next time you can't deal with life and you need help, it ain't science that's providing it, it's some smart dudes that lived over 2,000 years ago.

@FvckY0u I know nothing about CBT but I have a friend who practiced acupuncture. I am unsure about that. It may have some benefits.
Some ancient practices are useful but some were harmful and have been discarded.
I once had a girfriend who was a yoga teacher and she introduce me to quigong. The teacher was an Amercan Vietnam vet who wore his hair in a pigtail and strolled around town with a staff a bit like Gandalf.
He was an amazing character and I really enjoyed his classes. The day after an afternoon class I felt really energised so it obviously did some good.

@Moravian It's impossible to judge eastern medicine based on does one particular practice help a particular symptom. That's not how eastern medicine works. Typically western medicine is meant to treat disease or make money. Eastern medicine is more for people who are already in tune so to speak to stay in tune and make corrections when necessary. The approach and goal of both are completely different. Therefore which one is used for what matters greatly. If the US took a more engaged approach to healthcare and everything really rather than a one size fits all, know what you know and ignore the rest approach we currently take everyone would be much happier.

@FvckY0u Yes I suppose health care is more preventative in China than in the west but spending per capita is much lower.
As the country becomes wealthier obesity is becoming an increasing problem and over30% of the population smoke as opposed to around 11% in the USA so all is not rosy over there.

@Moravian No it most certainly isn't. I agree with you.

I just wish american attitudes would change regarding eastern medicine and ideas. Having attitudes and ideas from all over is what built the US. Now people think other attitudes and ideas are dangerous or stupid or toxic or whatever excuse. It's not like I'm asking for anyone to accept eastern medicine into their hearts and put $20 in the collection plate. Haha!


Yeah, except for medication and surgery they are no better than diy trepanning for those who qualify.

Polemicist Level 5 May 21, 2023

While Citric acid is The go too remedy for kidney stones, cheap and VERY effective, it takes a spartan effort to maintain the regimen until a cure has been affected.
Citric acid (taste) quickly looses it's shine when it is needed over a little time.
I have found that by that adding a few things makes a world of difference. It makes the remedy a lot more enjoyable.
Apple cider vinegar is a good adjunct to the citric acid, and not too bad in salads either.
further juices that I recommend added to the citric acid is dandelion root juice, celery root juice and wheatgrass juice. Enjoy tour leafy greens which also have many nutrients which help in the stone removal as well as tissue repair.
Beware it is best to get fresh lemons and juices free from added sugar, salt and chemicals.
Personally I strive for my garden or community garden produce.
Natural in retail does not really mean what we think and hope it means.


I've been dealing with the medical system since my mom has been sick, it's all bullshit! She's lucky that 3 of her specialist doctor's listen to me about my mom's symptoms and what I've researched and have given her the proper care! This medical system here sucks and the doctors that are in it just for the money and don't give a shit about people!

preach it sister!

The medical system in Australia is no better. It is crumbling slowly to dust.
G.P's here have 15 minute consultations set by government regulations.

Although we have free care nationally, in reality it is not free nor is it care.
We do not have clinical attendants in general purpose surgeries. This means a GP has to read all your notes, consult and diagnose all in 15 minutes.

The government also dictates what doctors prescribe and how they treat their patients.
The pharmaceutical industry dictates what drugs the doctors prescribe at any given age. E'G above 40 you are issued with statins and beta blockers and ACE inhibitors for life.

There are many genuine doctors caring for their communities, but dare not speak up or act outside of the mandated government guidelines or they face de registration as doctors, end their careers and any chance of a working anywhere in the medical field.
After 7 years of study, personal sacrifices as an intern, and a huge HECS debt to be repaid to the government.
Well .....................


I had a kidney stone once, and just survived on pain meds until it passed. But then the meds had repercussions too. I’m curious to know how the lemon juice is working for you. That was, without question, the worst pain I have ever felt. I would not like to go through it again. I hope the lemon juice worked for you.

skado Level 9 May 20, 2023

I drank a total of 17 ozs of Italian volcano organic lemon juice I bought at the local grocer. I drank it all in 2 days. After about half to an hour after consuming my first shot the intense urgency changed to urgency to actually go. I spent a lot of time over the course of the next many hours standing at the toilet letting water out. It was almost immediate relief. From the first does I continued to take a shot about every 4 hours. They say to mix it with water, I didn't, straight down the hatch. I never increased my water intake. I wanted to turn my urine from alkaline to acidic ASAP which I did. I would add that I did have some burning on 2 occasions and I ejected some black mass. Turns out it was likely dead cells, etc from kidney stones tearing things up. Burned for maybe 30 seconds and that was that.

Now do I still have part of my stone? I can't say for sure. Doc wants me to get CT and Xray. I cancelled my apts. I'm into my insurance deductible and I'm not paying thousands to "make sure". I feel fine, I have no symptoms and I have another bottle of lemon juice on hand should I.

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