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These aren't my words but I thought this was a nice, simplistic positive way of looking at the mysteries and unanswerable questions of life πŸ™‚

Listener59 5 Jan 30
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I can only know what I think I know, the rest of it is frankly not pertinent and above my pay grade.


YES, I tend to reach the same conclusions; I question the
established doctrines of ALOT OF SOCIAL institutions
and at best the answers are often part complete/ or part true. After watching science advance to the point of being
99% sure of some questions , I think it wise to SUSPEND
commitment, rather than err on the wrong side. Questions like TIME ; Counciousness; & Gravity are set aside ( not locked in but in flux ) as more PERTINENT and Vital day to day revelations about my exsistance are pronounced TRUE.
WE owe it to ourselves NOT to rush to judgement. If
science and ALL resources cannot prove an idea- it would be arrogant to make an ill informed judgment/ plus live my life ACCORDINGLY.

BBJong Level 7 Feb 2, 2020

Why not

bobwjr Level 9 Jan 30, 2020