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Do Evangelical miracles happen only when I'm not around?

This is a short story.
I got saved last year and gave my life to JC
I was formerly a strong atheist
So I decided to try out the savior JC
I took myself to church and made vows to worship and serve the Lord.

One day I was taken as a member of the church to a healing conference hosted by local pastors and the chief guest was a prophet from England.
Oh! How they prepared us to welcome miracles when the man of God steps into the auditorium.
You must learn to receive one opening preacher said
The reason you are not getting your miracle is because you don't know how to receive.
"How to receive" meant if the preacher said something like sort of a punchline one was supposed to shout amen or hallelujah 😁 frantically to be noticed by God.

Time came for the prophet to start curing the sick and I saw people fall down and shake.
So when he touched me I pretended to fall three times, oh he was excited to see me fall.
There was this crippled girl who couldn't walk except by crutches. She came to stage and as many as the prayers that were directed at her, she didn't stand up to walk.

The prophet had earlier annointed to rich lady preachers and assured them that from thenceforth they will make the lame walk, the blind see etc
When these two ladies prayed for the crippled girl she didn't heal.

Now the prophet came to the girl and blew air on her being. I was watching for my first miracle so keenly. Unfortunately the girl didn't walk.
The healing conference was a sham according to me
The prophet then said that the girl wasn't healed because she didn't see her time of visitation. What!!
So my question is do miracles only happen when people like me are not around to witness?

ChrisAine 6 Dec 8
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viduka Level 2 Mar 2, 2023

My friend went to Israel and asked Jesus if he would heal her significant foot pain which she has had for years. She got prayed over. She walked out of the building without pain and has appeared healed ever since. I half-jokingly asked her if something like that would work for me. She said J "wants a personal relationship with you". I replied "Well that's not gonna happen". She, later, sincerely apologized for suggesting it to me. But anyway, she had this pain for years (I witnessed it), and now it's gone. I'm sure some would say this is evidence of the placebo effect or the power of belief. And the other side would say it proves god. All I know is that her belief worked for her. This friend, although convinced about Jesus, is not given to being dishonest. She would not say her pain was gone if it wasn't. This seeming miracle happened when I wasn't there.

Agn0s Level 4 Jan 24, 2023

No. They don't happen under any circumstances. It would be interesting if any evidence showed miracles happen. But given that how the Judeo-Christian god has an ugly and cruel history, the absence of miracles is a very good thing. Meaning it is all a mind-fuck.

racocn8 Level 8 Dec 8, 2022

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