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My lemongrass bushes are sad looking. I think they got a fungus Rust Puccinia nakanishikii.
I removed all 3 bushes and worked my way on them - removed all dead leaves and trimmed the diseased ones.
I am soaking them overnight on a solution of water and sodium hypochlorite (a fungicide).
Tomorrow I'll plant them on separate pots and take it to Austin with me.
I have been taking pics of my steps. Hopefully we will see improvement.
It is so sad to see such a beautiful healthy plant get sick and down to a few strings.
I take any suggestions as well.

Zoohome 8 Sep 10
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Hopefully all your hard work will pay off. I grew some one year, from the shoots I bought in the supermarket, but sadly they are not hardy in the UK even in a greenhouse.

Fernapple Level 8 Sep 10, 2020

Oh, too bad they would not make it.
I have learned that they do much better on the ground than in vase. Now, apparently where I had them here in N FL, was not well ventilated and due to a warm winter, it never died back, plant was crowded with old shoots and debris. I think that is the main reason it got the fungus. I should had cleaned it before spring season.
Try growing it once the cold is over. Lemongrass grows so fast, it might just be an annual plant for you, but the flavor and smell is so delicious, it might be worth it. 😬

@Zoohome Will do, certainly going to have another go next year.


Sounds as though you have a wealth of knowledge - hope it all works!

Hah, not really but thank you. I feel bad seeing the plant getting sad and fighiting this fungus. The house is sold. But no one will pay attention to it. So, I am taking it with me and trying tk save. Hopefully I'll succeed. 🙂


Always wondered what they looked like au naturel!

FrayedBear Level 9 Sep 10, 2020

G'luck & smooth roads with the move.

@FrayedBear thank you.
Lemongrass is easy to grow. You should try. 🤗