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Wild Gardening post, I spotted this Chicken of the Woods mushroom growing on an oak tree while out for a ride on my electric bike, so I harvested half of it and turned it into mushroom fritters, deep fried with a bit of spicy batter. Delicious and an easy wild edible to spot and eat safely.

Surfpirate 8 Sep 17
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Looks great - does it taste like chicken? lol

JackPedigo Level 9 Sep 17, 2020

The texture is like chicken breast and there is a slight lemon flavour.


We have several common edible mushrooms here, but I wish I'd seen some of these!

We used to hunt skull mushrooms in Spokane in the spring when I lived there. I am still reluctant to hunt without someone that knows much more than I do about mushroom.

@glennlab I know a few easy to spot edibles and if I don't recognize it as one of those, then I don't pick it. Morels are the tricky ones, delicious but if you pick the false morels you can make yourself very sick, not that hard to tell them apart but still something to be cautious about.


Looks delish! I have always been a little reluctant to pick mushrooms myself since I don't know which ones are good.

Chicken of the woods or sulfur shelf as it is also called is really easy to spot and nothing else really looks like it, often found on dead oak trees, always cook them as they do give sensitive people indigestion. Eating wild mushrooms raw is not a good idea and you do want to know what you are putting in your mouth when it comes to wild food.


Looks great!! I love fritters especially peppers and onions. Can you post the recipe please? 🙂

Not much too it, just blend some flour (I used coconut flour because my wife is on a keto diet) with some cayenne pepper, seasoned salt and some pepper, coat the bite size pieces of mushroom in the mix and then dip in an egg and some cream beaten together, toss in a pan with oil, cook for about 4-5 minutes.

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