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"Tool of choice" for Linda when it comes to cleaning one of our edgers.
Thanks "Proud Bois"...... 😆🍷

bigpawbullets 9 Oct 24
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I don't bother - plastic/rubber protective guards don't rust or rot and the dried grass/detritus falls of first time its fired up on the grass.
Ive now got rid of most opportunities for grass to grow by putting down weed cloth and growing everything in pots sitting on top.

If nature meant grass to only be 2" tall then that's the height it should grow to. I used to only trim it when it tickled my knees, now I wait for the neighbours to mow at least thre times before I tackle the bit on the road outside the property that the council expects us to keep up.

FrayedBear Level 9 Oct 24, 2020

Tell her to unplug it or take the lead of the spark plug first.

Fernapple Level 8 Oct 24, 2020

Unplugged. We're not crazy here in Ohio....


Cough, overkill, cough🤕. You are going to cut your hand off or stab yourself in the eye. Always use the proper tool for the job, safety first!

I see you're not from around here.


I hope not going to be used on some poor guy named Edgers.

EdEarl Level 8 Oct 24, 2020

Only if he walks through her garden beds.

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