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How to propagate Rosemary.
In California, I had a hedge of ever-growing Rosemary bushes. In the desert, it died every summer. I’ll admit that every year I took the lazy way and just bought two little plants at the grocery story and planted them in a big pot, which provided enough until the summer heat got to them. One year, they survived summer, but I never figured out how. There is not a lot of research on the health benefits of Rosemary, so one should always consult one’s physician before using Rosemary supplements, but the small amount used to season food, especially fresh, organic Rosemary, is considered safe for everyone.

KateOahu 8 Dec 31
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I love to season with rosemary and I love to smell it. If we have a mild winter in Oklahoma it will over winter outside but it's been several years since we've had a mild winter.

Lorajay Level 9 Dec 31, 2022

I can't seem to keep one growing more than a year or so. But I do like to use fresh rosemary in several dishes.

Shaggy2018 Level 7 Dec 31, 2022

I used to grow rosemary in my garden. I never considered trying to keep it alive over winter.

I have an enormous rosemary bush and have to whack it back regularly, so it doesn't cover the house! It really likes the So. Calif. climate.

@LucyLoohoo Last week we have several days below freezing, plus snow. The good news is we don't have termites or kudzu. The bad news is there are a great many plants we can't grow in our yards. I lived in the south long ago, so I know those attributes, and I'm willing to make that trade.

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