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The mother lode!!!
I'll just set here with my bucket until the raspberries are ready.
I'll send you the coordinates.....
For 15% of your pick.

By AmiSue8
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HippieChick58 Level 9 June 17, 2018

I mowed down about an acre of wild raspberry canes at the back of our property, not to worry because there are at least a dozen more acres of them behind that on the absentee land owners property. I take a few but leave the lion's share for the birds who need the energy. smile001.gif

Surfpirate Level 8 June 17, 2018

Looks like my back yard. I usually fill a 5 quart ice cream bucket and about half of it actually makes it to the house (burp).

EricJones Level 7 June 17, 2018

Oh yummy that's my favorite.

Sheannutt Level 9 June 17, 2018

Nature's bounty. I sometimes go blueberry picking for a few pints, and make up a batch of buttery blueberry muffins. Who needs Heaven when we can find paradise in our own neighborhoods!

WalterWhite Level 7 June 17, 2018

That's a Yorkshire Terrier!

Ellatynemouth Level 8 June 17, 2018
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