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I just love cactus flowers.( not mine)

Sheannutt 9 June 23
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blueskies Level 7 June 26, 2018

I want that plant!!?

@Sheannutt it's like some kind of fantastic sculpture; surreal.


That is a magnificent speciman.

FrayedBear Level 9 June 23, 2018

@Sheannutt Don't we all??



Mooolah Level 8 June 23, 2018

Wow!! beautiful!


Wow! I wish I had those.


This cactus actually is mine...with my pepper plants in the blue containers in the background 🙂 We are fortunate to have so many wild cactus here that bloom every spring. This one I actually brought back from a hike last year 🙂

@Sheannutt I do too. I want to do permaculture on the front of my property in all rocks, cactus, wildflowers, yucca...and thistles! I have plans.... and I never want to mow it again! LOL

@Sheannutt Yeah....this is the bottom of the Great Plains and all prairie...I can't figure out why anyone has grass. Mostly it's a battle with crabgrass around here. The whole town needs a permaculture makeover....especially with the drought conditions of the last decade.

That is sooo true.
We have prairie restorations here, including burns and reseeding.
Oak savannas are valued above all here

@SkotlandSkye My ideal garden. No mowing. The neighbour across the road has an interesting combination of cacti and roses growing surrounded by white river pebbles.

@FrayedBear I want cactus, wildflowers, thistles, and crepe myrtles 🙂

@SkotlandSkye I love crepe myrtles! We have some beautiful ones here but there are too many people that mutilate them. Does that happen a lot in your area?

@Lauren what do you mean by "mutilate" them? You mean like vandalize them? Or trim them funny like hedges?

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