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I just love cactus flowers.( not mine)

By Sheannutt9
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blueskies Level 7 June 26, 2018

I wish I had one


I want that plant!!?

farmboy2017 Level 7 June 23, 2018

Me too

@Sheannutt it's like some kind of fantastic sculpture; surreal.


That is a magnificent speciman.

FrayedBear Level 9 June 23, 2018

Yes it is I wish I had one

@Sheannutt Don't we all??



Mooolah Level 8 June 23, 2018

I think it's so beautiful


Wow!! beautiful!

HippieChick58 Level 9 June 23, 2018

I just wish I had one it is so beautiful


Wow! I wish I had those.

Ellatynemouth Level 8 June 23, 2018

I have had beautiful cactus flowers before but this one is just beautiful wish I had one


This cactus actually is mine...with my pepper plants in the blue containers in the background smile001.gif We are fortunate to have so many wild cactus here that bloom every spring. This one I actually brought back from a hike last year smile001.gif

SkotlandSkye Level 8 June 23, 2018

Wow that is beautiful I love the cactus flowers in boom they have such a vibrant colors.

@Sheannutt I do too. I want to do permaculture on the front of my property in all rocks, cactus, wildflowers, yucca...and thistles! I have plans.... and I never want to mow it again! LOL

@SkotlandSkye when I lived in Arizona I had many different kinds of cactus and it was hard to grow grass. I used to have to haul water and didn't see the point in growing grass.

@Sheannutt Yeah....this is the bottom of the Great Plains and all prairie...I can't figure out why anyone has grass. Mostly it's a battle with crabgrass around here. The whole town needs a permaculture makeover....especially with the drought conditions of the last decade.

@SkotlandSkye oh yes I know about Texas used to live there but up in the northeast corner little different.

That is sooo true.
We have prairie restorations here, including burns and reseeding.
Oak savannas are valued above all here

@SkotlandSkye My ideal garden. No mowing. The neighbour across the road has an interesting combination of cacti and roses growing surrounded by white river pebbles.

@FrayedBear I want cactus, wildflowers, thistles, and crepe myrtles smile001.gif

@SkotlandSkye I love crepe myrtles! We have some beautiful ones here but there are too many people that mutilate them. Does that happen a lot in your area?

@Lauren what do you mean by "mutilate" them? You mean like vandalize them? Or trim them funny like hedges?

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