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I did this for my sister's yard last year the flowers have not come up yet when I took this picture.

Sheannutt 9 July 5
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That's damn cool, your lucky sister.


Lovely. How long did that take?

freeofgod Level 8 July 7, 2018

Within a couple days probably a total of 6 hours, the rest of her yard took longer.

@Sheannutt , you work fast.

@freeofgod I didn't even seem like it took that long when I start something it just goes fast.


That's a very pretty way to fill the space. I shall keep that in mind when I get my next garden!

CeliaVL Level 7 July 6, 2018

I like that. I think every once in a while about doing fancy stuff around my house. But then I go no Ken you wouldn't know how to do fancy LOL I do like what other people like you can do. Great job.

kenriley Level 8 July 5, 2018

Thank you to me it's a lot of fun


Where do you get the rocks from?

My sister had them all over her property her ex husband got him from a river they are River Rocks. I believe the flat ones are called sandstone.

@Sheannutt nice! So they’re local!

@AstralSmoke yep it is


A very ancient symbol and Fibonacci inspired as well. Beautiful!

Surfpirate Level 8 July 5, 2018

Thank you


LOVE it! Come do mine!

You live too far away otherwise I would do it

@Sheannutt Yeah, EVERYBODY lives too far away.

@MissKathleen Yeah...

@MissKathleen exactly cuz I can't find anybody around here to hang out with


Wow I love that even without flowers

Donto101 Level 7 July 5, 2018

Thank you


My back hurts just looking at that.

It was more my hands that hurt in my back. It was fun to do I love working with rock.


I love that!

Thank you it was a lot of fun, I got pictures somewhere with all the flowers that grew when I find them I'll post it

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