People who enjoy growing their own food. Or taking care of their landscaping and gardens. Let’s try and keep politics to minimum here in this group unless it has something to do with agriculture or affect on planting and growing your own food.

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It keeps happening. Lol. I’m actually cleaning the BnB....this is how I multi-task

SkotlandSkye 8 July 11
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Wow, they look delicious!


You got me hooked, I have a hard time not baking them, They will be great for eating this winter.

kenriley Level 8 July 11, 2018

Can't start fall/winter without at least 30 loaves in the freezer to get you through the winter months! πŸ™‚


That's fine for today, but what will your family eat tomorrow? πŸ™‚

It's all going in the freezer except the ones I'm giving away πŸ™‚

@SkotlandSkye That's great. Such a joy to take out a loaf of summer goodness when needed in the more dreary winter.

@Silverwhisper Yes you need to stock up.


You'll be happy with me. I'm going to try baking some zucchini loafs tomorrow.

I know I am. Take pictures everyone likes pictures

@kenriley I might take a couple just to prove I did it!


Take your timer with you while you clean , so they don't burn . Wish I were that ambitious .

Cast1es Level 8 July 11, 2018

The stove has a good timer - loud buzzer....they all went in about 10 minutes apart so I only start the time for the first one...the rest then are based on that original time setting. In this picture, the top left one has been in about 40 minutes whilst the bottom right one just went in. Based on pan material and size, they each bake different I have to keep it all in my head.

@SkotlandSkye What ever you do don't lose your head.

@kenriley I can't remember the last time I burnt anything....knock on wood...




That looks yummy.

Sheannutt Level 9 July 11, 2018
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