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My annual attempt to grow venus flytraps, failed again after 5 months, and my amaryllis that I have had to divided every 5 years for the last 30 that I've been here. Sometimes I fail, sometimes I get lucky.

glennlab 9 Sep 11
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I had a venus fly trap once and it was a gooey mess inside I don't know if it died as I slung it away in the garden maybe its gone underground

jacpod Level 8 Sep 12, 2018

I have never been successful with Venus flytraps and I have tried several times. Your amaryllis looks very happy!


Those are beautiful amaryllis. I can only grow them in pots so I don't get such a generous display!

CeliaVL Level 7 Sep 12, 2018

The flytrap is doing better than any I've tried to grow.

freeofgod Level 8 Sep 11, 2018

I was really surprised that I failed so quickly on these. high acid soil, low nutrient, heavy water, they dried out once and that was it. I was careful not to let to many bugs get into the traps. Oh well next year when they come out again.


I have killed several venus flytraps. They look so cool and so useful. The amaryllis look great!

Thank you, I'll admit it i am a serial flytrap killer.

the only one left


The red flowers look more like day lillies .

Cast1es Level 8 Sep 11, 2018

definitely amaryllis, Fantasica' amaryllis to be exact They have a bulb as large as my fist. I took out all my day lilies 20 years ago.


I have a horrible time with Venus Flytraps. I managed to get one to flower once, it lived in the bathroom for a few months, but eventually all of its heads fell off and it died.

Minta79 Level 7 Sep 11, 2018

these flowered for 3 months, then I took a little over a week trip and they dried out. They were too tall for a top on the terrarium.


Beautiful setup. Don't feel bad. You are not alone. Lol

Zoohome Level 8 Sep 11, 2018

The longest I've been able to grow them has been two years, thanks for the compliment.

I had the crystal clusters left over from a big buy, and I figured if they can be buried in dirt for millions of years, what harm can a little potting mix do.

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