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After a week with a load of rain, second nght o flowering moonflowers. I'll submit the open flowers in a few hours, right now the bees aregoing nuts and it smells like a gardina factory.

glennlab 9 Sep 17
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Perfect Glenn. Those are the moonflowers that I love so much.

freeofgod Level 8 Sep 17, 2018

Very cool.

kenriley Level 8 Sep 17, 2018

That is so cool! Love moonflowers.


Beautiful images. Keep children away; they are toxic. []

Hi MissKathleen. I've always heard and read how toxic moon flowers are but I've handled them for years with no ill effects. That isn't saying it's safe.

@freeofgod The seeds are especially potent, known for psychedelic properties, if they don’t keep you puking.

@Justjoni That's what I've read. But I still handle them bare handed to move them. Sharp little things!

They are toxic depending on the season and the part of the plant ingested. The highest concentrations are in the seeds, they are part of the night shade family high in atropine, and hallucinogenics so overdosing has occurred more as other hallucinogens became harder to get.
Early settlers had a tough time when their animals would eat them and start hallucinating along with added strength and stamina. This plant was blamed when many a cowboy or prospector lost their animal since it was normally the only green thing to eat.
Handling the plants generally don't require any special requirements unless you are processing them. Care should be taken around children and animals which take much smaller doses for poisoning.



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