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Feels a bit like crowing when 'y'all' are moaning about sleet and snow coming, but I went up on my verandah roof to pick avocados again today and these are (a few of) the other fruits next to that tree.

Allamanda 8 Nov 6
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Wonderful! The sunny pics help with the drizzle blues. Thanks!


What's in that second photo @Allamanda? I'm dying to know.

RavenCT Level 9 Nov 6, 2019

oh that's the flower (purple) and the bananas forming above it!


I can't blame weather here, just my lack of experience with food crops. I have no photos to share, just that my fledgling veggie garden has little to show. My squash and greenbeans were great food for the bugs. I was too slow to harvest them. :/ I have baby broccoli plants just getting beyond the sprout stage, and I still need to plant my carrots and snow peas, but at least the climate here allows for near-year round gardening. I am seeing very promising citrus coming along around town, but my own satsuma tree is still a baby, so I nipped the fruits off in the summer to redirect the tree's energy to getting established. Similarly, I am just starting my blackberries and boysenberries rows, so it will be likely 3 years at least before they produce much. NO FRUIT FOR ME! But I am not complaining, just reminding myself of the need for patience. Hey, I still have flowers(dahlias, roses, salvias, cosmos, and black eyed Susans), and even some butterflies. 🙄

the brambles may surprise you much sooner than that! and it sounds pretty! Did you know there are many edible flowers, nasturtiums are quick! rose petals too of course, hibiscus...

@Allamanda And day lilies and violets ......



EdEarl Level 8 Nov 6, 2019

oh yum! how do you get at those papayas, so high up the tree?
I'm lucky, in my very Hispanic neighborhood I go to Mi Tierra Supermercado which is like entering an exotic, foreign country ... got a lovely, huge papaya yesterday, and 4 mangoes ... all from Mexico. And their mangos always ripen beautifully 🙂

dede18 Level 8 Nov 6, 2019

that's why I climb on the roof, then I can reach!


Which is the reason that I am going on a cruise through your area of the world come Feb. That is the worst weather normally in the Dallas area.

glennlab Level 9 Nov 6, 2019

sounds like a good plan 🙂

@dede18 It was a tough choice and i finally decide that I was going to take the cruise I wanted and not let people that may or may not be available make the decision for me, 7 nights 7 countries. Leaving from san Juan and heading south,

@glennlab tell me if you hit St Croix and I'll drive you round!

@Allamanda we'll hit St Thomas, St Kitts, st Lucia but I don't see a St Croix, thanks for the offer. (those were all the Sts on the list except San juan.)

@glennlab ah well. We get far fewer than those places!

@Allamanda I have another cruise awarded next August. this will be my first cruise and the casino is paying for it, so it will be a learning experience for me. I've seen the cruise from the land side, so I kind of know what to expect, but looking forward to leaving Dallas during winter.

@glennlab so jealous! That sounds like a wonderful trip.

@Heidi68 I wanted to make sure that it would be trip to remember. I get one cruise this year and one next year, and i plan on having as much fun as I can.

I would think the worst weather in Dallas would occur in July, when it is so hot! No?

@itsmedammit Hot I can handle, I will go to the desert, the tropics or pretty much anywhere in the summer, cold, wet and dreary, I don't do well with.

@glennlab I hate the cold. Used to love the heat but have become less tolerant of it in later years.

@itsmedammit We have a front coming through right now and the pain is real. I have degenerative arthriris in every joint so the cold/wet is not my friend at all.

@glennlab I have heard. My sister lives in Forth Worth. We are having record cold for the Chicago area. Ugh.

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