People who enjoy growing their own food. Or taking care of their landscaping and gardens. Let’s try and keep politics to minimum here in this group unless it has something to do with agriculture or affect on planting and growing your own food.

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Today this orchid produced a second flower spray!

Allamanda 8 Nov 9
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beautiful. I have been tempted to try orchids, but so far I haven't.

glennlab Level 9 Nov 9, 2019

This is one of mine that has bloomed again this year. Granted I am not lucky enough to have them outside 😊
This one I have had for almost 3 years and thought I had killed it the 1st years ....
Please excuse the frame I used a meme program to make it fit the new constraints of photos on

Heidi68 Level 8 Nov 9, 2019


@Allamanda thank you - I was always afraid to try orchids because everyone said they are so hard. Now that I have them figured then out they are quite addicting. I have 7....
3 more are sending up bloom shoots!

@Heidi68 I'll try anything, in the full knowledge that if I look at it it might wilt... but here the climate is vastly in my favour!

@Allamanda I have decided no more plants, planting or animals.... I swear all I do is work. Go to work come home work.... now if something 'wilts' it does not get replaced.


Oh, dear...check your picture orientation....upside down?

this is getting more and more messed up!!! now Iphone photos load upsidedown??? thx