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My single Japanese eggplant is still producing, but I'm getting a little tired of it, so I may pull the plant. This will get cooked with Italian sausage, peppers and mushrooms in a marinara sauce for freezer meals.

By CrazyQuilter7
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Got some more tahini. Will see how baba ganoush freezes.

CrazyQuilter Level 7 Nov 16, 2019

I slice them and grill them with onions, garlic, capsicums and zucchinni. It turns out lovely and you can have it on crusty bread that you have toasted. You can change the taste if you put some basil pesto on the toast. And you can add some seafood with it.

Jolanta Level 8 Nov 16, 2019

You could send me some!

MissKathleen Level 9 Nov 15, 2019

Very productive .

Cast1es Level 8 Nov 15, 2019

baba ganoush! aubergine sandwishes! curry! brinjal pickle, brinjal crisps! don't pull it up!

Allamanda Level 8 Nov 15, 2019

Thought of baba ganoush, but I'm out of tahini. I might try some crisps. Thanks for the idea.

My late partner made baba ganoush a lot. Problem is I found I have a reaction to sesame seeds so no more tahini.

@JackPedigo it's also nice with other ground nets, walnuts, peanuts etc.

@Allamanda Good idea, I hadn't thought of. Funny, we just had our first summer garden in a large greenhouse. I did not participate this year (but will next summer) and some friends gave me a handful of Japanese Eggplants.

@JackPedigo that kind is good stirfried Thai style too!

@Allamanda Yes. I like hot/sour pork and eggplant stir fry. It even freezes OK if you make a lot of sauce.

@CrazyQuilter sounds like we need to do a recipe swap! yum!

@Allamanda It was close to this: [foodandwine.com]

Now I’m starving...thanks a lot.

@Allamanda I did make a stir fry with along with some peppers also from the greenhouse.


I understand that eggplant slices, once peeled and lightly salted...preserves well in the frige and excellently in the freezer. It can also be "blanched" (quick boiled) and then put in jars to preserve at room temperature.


Robecology Level 8 Nov 15, 2019

Don't have my canning stuff anymore. Living alone, I'm not inclined to buy a canner unless I find one really cheap second hand.

@CrazyQuilter I, too...live alone.

I can only suggest that you save what you can, and share your eggplants. I have two eggplants. - one in the freezer, one thawing and getting ready for an eggplant 'stack"....with tomatoe sauce and mozzarella.

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