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My scotch bonnet pepper tree is full of peppers.

Shaggy2018 5 Dec 1
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I am totally jealous...are they edible? I have never heard of this tree before.

Absolutely edible but an aquired taste for sure. You have to really like spicy. They can be too hot for many people. I use them in many Jamaican dishes. This plant has survived two whole winters here in florida.

@Shaggy2018 My sister would love them, but I'll steer clear.


I over winter my better peppers in my greenhouse. I'm still harvesting my cubanos.

glennlab Level 9 Dec 1, 2019

Now you have me wondering if all peppers can be grown as perennials.


That's a big plant, do you overwinter it? In Canada our pepper plants are all seasonal, no way they can survive a winter so I never see them more than a foot high.

Here too, but for the opposite reason...excessive heat in summer.

Last winter I had this pepper plant in a pot and kept it on our lanai. But I planted it in the ground this summer and it has really taken off. Surprisingly it just keeps bearing large beautiful peppers. I did put it close to the house to help keep it a bit warmer on our colder days.

This pepper plant is now over two years old. Last year it was in a pot on my lanai. I decided to put it in the ground this summer and it just took off. Im not sure if it will survive another winter but I think it will. Our winters are not that cold...we barely get freezing temps and when we do it is usually for a few hours.


Oh la la, those are beauties. I used them often in Jamaican cooking. I leave them whole in stews and soups, carefully remove the scotch bonnet without bursting it, once the stew or soup is spicy enough. You must taste your food as it is cooking. I could do with a good feed of Jamaican ox tail soup or red stew peas now or jerked chicken or curried goat with rice and peas. Yum!

MsHoliday Level 8 Dec 1, 2019

I don't like ox tail but I make all the other Jamaican dishes you mentioned. Curry goat is my favorite and yes it has to be a bit spicy to be really good.

@Shaggy2018 Have you ever had Jamaican Christmas cake? It is beyond delish. I’ll be starting this right after the holidays, when the dried fruit comes on sale.


where are you still growing peppers at this time of year?

North central Florida. Ocala.

@Shaggy2018 gotcha......nice lookin plant.


Mm! Spicy! I bet it keeps the critters away!

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