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These are bearded iris with one Siberian iris.
The third is more fragrant in my opinion but I can't decide the more beautiful. I only know the name of the first one, 'Speeding Again'. The rest have been given names as to who and where they came from. For example, the Siberian iris is called Danielle's iris, the yellow is Carrie's, the yellow/purple is Danielle's, the blue is Digby blue and so on. The name is not as important as who and where it came from. It's special knowing it came from a friend and even more special waiting for the gift to bloom, like Danielle's Speeding Again.

flower_nut 7 Jan 18
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Iris have always been favorites of mine, and I have some little minis coming up in a pot on my front porch. They cheer me every day!

It's exciting watching and waiting for flowers to bloom. I look forward to new growth in the spring but some iris spread so fast they need reigning in, like the third and fourth ones in this set. Speeding Again hasn't spread at all in the past three years. I think it is special because of how slow it spreads.


Irises - all of them - are my favorites in the garden.... Yours are beautiful!! This is one of my most favorite colors....

Lavergne Level 7 Jan 18, 2020

Irises are my favorites, too. I have gotten into having named varieties. Still have plenty that aren't and they are just as beautiful. This was one of my favorites. Mine was in a section of my garden that was covered when we had a house fire and the insurance adjuster shovelled a bunch of the ash out the back door to do their investigation. I'm thinking of replacing it this year.

Wow! It's tall, strong and bold. This one sure makes a statement.

Sorry to hear about your house fire. I hope the iris recovers. I don't see very many yellow and purple iris. awesome! Thank you!


Irises are a beautiful, unusual flower. Thanks for sharing.
I had some Irises in my yard. They were coast Irises and were one of the flowers that could grow under a Eucalyptus tree. They were a Bearded Iris. This is a picture very close to what I planted. I like the flowers but my late partner, for some reason, did not like bearded Irises.

JackPedigo Level 9 Jan 18, 2020

I like the colour! Not too much punch but enough to catch your attention. Thanks.


I am guessing these are from your old garden? Did you get to dig any up for this year?

Heidi68 Level 8 Jan 18, 2020

Yes, these were from the old garden. The only plants I took were some daylilies and hosta because they grow anywhere. I gave them to a friend and my sister for safekeeping. The iris can be fussy and difficult if your not careful where they get planted.


How beautiful they all are! Thanks for sharing.😉

You're welcome! Flowers bring a smile to my face but not everyone enjoys them as I do.


How beautiful! Purple/ blue & orange is my favorite outdoor color mix

AnneWimsey Level 9 Jan 18, 2020

Purple, blue and orange really stand out together. There is an orange iris planted beside the orange azalea which blooms after the azalea is finished blooming.


Iris are such beautiful early spring flowers .

Cast1es Level 8 Jan 18, 2020

Generally speaking, the bearded iris comes first, the Siberian comes second then the Japanese iris comes last.

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