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My oldest (12) grandson mentioned that my potatoes had little things on them. I told him those are called the eyes and they are buds that will grow into plants and the potato will turn back into several new potato plants and grow potatoes again. It's how to propagate potatoes. I told him, in the spring people use cut pieces of potatoes that have the eyes in them to plant for fall potatoes. Each plant then will grow a root system and in that will grow many tubers that will eventually be potatoes.

He thought that was really cool so I said we could start the plants now by putting the potato in water by suspending the potato over a glass and then when the roots fill out we can plant it in a pot. When it warms up we'll transplant this to a much bigger pot and put it outside. Then when they are ready we'll spill out the plant, dirt and potatoes and harvest them for eating. He wanted to do that.

We started this Dec 15th. I wish I would have taken a pic of the root system before we planted it a couple weeks ago. All three boys (12, 9 and 6) have been watching this like a hawk for new sprouts. It's been a great science experiment. I try t do something sciency with them every time they come over. In fact last time oldest was here he complained he didn't like his science class much because his teacher was all about book learning and tests and no fun with real experiments. Which made me sad for him but happy he loves my teaching method. The really sad thing is so many kids will be turned off of science by one crappy teacher. 😟

NoPlanetB 8 Feb 4
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I am a teacher of special ed kids and we have garden plot. We are planning what we will plant this year. We do cooking so are looking at things we use often (herbs etc) the students all know to cut the spring onions leaving a stalk with the roots to put into the garden to grow into more spring onions. Same for any herb we buy with a root base. It is a bit too wet and hot here for normal potatoes but I am hoping to grow some sweet potatoes with them this year. We have grown pumpkin, tomatoes and always keep some seeds to try to sprout (not always successfully)

Budgie Level 6 Feb 8, 2020

Good for you and go potatoes! It is remarkable how little kids know about growing food--can they identify a carrot plant in the ground or a tomato plant with only blooms. And...sweet potatoes you can do more or less the same thing (they may want a little warmer space) and can produce much more impressive greens.


Isn’t it great being a grandparent? You have a lot more time and patience with your grandkids then you did with your own children. At least it was that way for me. LOL Great science experiment you taught them. Bravo!

Old joke. " If I had known grandchildren were this much fun, I would have had them first."

@Fernapple LOL, yes I’ve heard that one before.


It is imperative for kids to learn where their food comes from. Too many think food all comes from the grocery store. Tell your child where meat comes from and watch their reaction.

Here, on my smalish but crazy island we have an award winning program to connect kids with food sources. [lopezislandsd.ss19.sharpschool.com]

They live on a farm so they know where meat comes from but they don't grow potatoes so this was new. Nice link.

@NoPlanetB We have farms/ranches here as well. A disturbing event happened once when a local farm brought in a slaughter machine and started slaughtering animals. At the same time there is a sauna and pond and there was a group using both when the slaughtering was going on nearby. It didn't go over so well especially when the bathers saw the mounds of offal.


Lovely story.

Fernapple Level 8 Feb 4, 2020
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