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The Caribbean version of snow - the pods of the Kapok (Silk-Cotton tree) are just bursting open - the fluff can pile up in drifts some years! And some flowers and fruit again.
(does anyone know how to order the photos as one wishes? or is it random?)

Allamanda 8 Apr 5
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I know the first on is a bromeliad and I think I see leaves of one in the third picture but can't tell if the flowers are from it or something above. I'm guessing the latter. But those flowers are stunning! What is it? (If it were possible to share the picture on Fb, I'd like to share it with a friend who spent some time in Brazil and loves bromeliads. (Most of the ones I grow came from him.)

MarkWD Level 6 Apr 6, 2020

the first one is a bromeliad, the third is called shell-ginger, it's an ornamental ginger though the leaves are used as a tea here, and the root smells nice. Please do feel free to share.


Beautiful photos. ( Just load them one at a time, they come out in the order you load them. )

Fernapple Level 8 Apr 6, 2020

oh gosh that would take forever! thanks though


It is a pity that the photos cannot be labelled other than by writing on the photo. Easy enough with an app like Pixlr.

yes it leaves a lot to be desired...


Some really amazing pics. Tropical plants are so interesting.

And exotic to my eye.


Wow, kapok. We had quilts and pillows filled with that stuff. Never know what it was.It was used as an inexpensive alternative to wool and down. A pretty plant!

it's the huge tree with the buttress roots.


Oh I;d love to have a fruit salad right now, with papaya, banana, orange juice squeezed over it as well as slices, and a bit of grenadilla (passion fruit).
Minutes ago I tried to place an online order for some fresh fruit delivery, from a local supermarket which supposedly does that, only to get the message at the very end, when ready to pay: Sorry but system is having a problem. Poor me, I was already tasting it 😟 oh, and I was ordering some Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia too! imagine how deflated I feel now. My compromised immune system does not make it feasible for me to make a run into the store 😟

dede18 Level 8 Apr 5, 2020

hope it comes through soon for you!

That hurts, I'm sure your belly was truly tasting already all the yummiest.
Cherry icecream are the best. I hope they get back running. You might want to call them, maybe they take the order by phone

@Zoohome Good news, I discovered InstaCart ... and a choice of grocery stores. So, from a different store, tomorrow between 10 and 11:30 a.m. my goodies will show up. I included a $20 tip, I have deep appreciation for whoever delivers it 🙂 The store is only 2 miles from my home.

@dede18 wonderful!


Lovely as ever. That’s a stunning tree!

What are the little fruits? The papaya I recognise (?) but the others?

they are bitter-melon, but the wild variety, we don't usually eat them but as they are right by my door I'll throw them in a beef dish.

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