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I put 2 more pineapple tops into pots this morning. One of them I may have waited to long. It was really looking dried out. I throw my back out last weekend and never got around to cutting the pineapple up end up have to feed pineapple to the chickens. The other one I just picked up today it looks really good.

Donto101 7 May 5
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I did one this morning.

EdEarl Level 8 May 5, 2018

I did not know you could do that. I love the idea. We always had a huge garden when I was growing up and fruit trees plus some grapes. I remember grabbing the salt shaker and heading to the garden for a nice fresh tomato peeking out somewhere.


In the future, when you can't plant them right away, you can put them in a jar of water. The roots will start and the leaves will not brown.

Thanks that is normally what I do. But I was in so much pain this week I didn’t even cut up the pineapple.

@Donto101 understandable!


It's like the sweet potato in a jar of water thing like we did in school when we were kids. You can take the prunings from tomatoes and plant them, too.


So that explains why my KFC chicken tasted a bit like pineapple last week. I thought they had a new sauce or something. 🙂

Nice shots, but seems like a lot of time and work when pineapples are so cheap.

It’s really not much work at all. Once they are in the ground they pretty much take care of themselves. Plus I love the fresh pineapples.


Will it really grow a new pineapple?

Shar Level 3 May 5, 2018

Yes it will take 2 to 3 year but produce a pineapple and then continue to produce after that. They are hardy in zone 10 and 11. But I’m in 9b. I just have to cover them if it freezes at night other wise they grow great in pots

Yes. It will take a couple of years to bear fruit and the first fruits will be rather small.

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