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Ok I might have a problem. We didn’t buy anything for the food forest this week because this is the check that most of the bills get paid with. So the whole family goes to Walmart to get groceries. And the blood Mobil is out there. I give blood every chance I get so I go and give blood and they give me a Walmart gift card. So what is the first thing I do? I buy another Mexican Guava. So when my girlfriend see me with the plant and what did you get now? We agree no more plants this week. I answer back I GAVE BLOOD FOR THIS GUAVA! I think I have become a food forest addict. Lol

Donto101 7 May 6
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The garden of Daniel Mouse


Wow, I work hard for my garden, but paying in blood? Talk about blood sweat and tears.

Rugglesby Level 8 May 6, 2018

Guavas grow where yu are? Wonderful. And good on you for giving blood. I wonder if they would take mine.. I'll have toc all them up.

Yes they will grow here. But I will have to keep it trimmed so I can cover it if there is a freeze.


LOL! Thank you for giving blood. They won't let me give blood cuz I lived in Germany in the 80s. And yes, gotta have plants. I'm dying because first it was too cold to work in the garden, then the grandson was born and there was some drama there, then I got sick, and now it has gotten hot. We had 2 weeks of spring and I missed it. However, I did get the worm castings out to the garden so next week I hit the garden center!

Yes, we had 3 days of spring. I can relate. We go from "" I hope the snow melts to 780 degrees in 24 hours here."' Went to the nursey today ( free clematis vine for customers) and bought the first batch of tomatoes and peppers. Congratulations on the grandson. All is well, I hope.

@Spinliesel Things with junior are getting better. My cold wants to linger and is just sucking out all my energy. But hope springs eternal, the sun is out, it is warm, and I haven't yet had a cold last forever yet.

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