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Had a "free" day today.

Laid weed barrier and munched. Planted six forsythia bushes, 8 native wildflowers for the butterfly garden, cleaned out an overgrown iris bed and replaced with rubeckias and replaced the hostas that some dillweed absconded with.

Ready for a shower and a beer.

ronin73 7 May 6
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Sounds like a productive day to me.

Donto101 Level 7 May 6, 2018

Dill weed is delicious on fish and in egg salad and probably in many foods I haven't even considered. How in the world did dill weed ever become an insult? Off to Google, I suppose.

For the curious & the confounded dill lovers - []

@ronin73 I am certainly not putting you down. You do you! I was just commenting on how something tasty could be an insult. It turns out the expression likely evolved from dickweed and I can see why you might be uncomfortable saying that in front of an unknown audience!


I'm pretty sure that is a two beer day of work. Well done


I had a few beers today, That's something

kenriley Level 8 May 6, 2018

I admire your accomplishments!! Good on you!

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