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This zucchini, 2 radish, green garlic shoots, fresh basil all out of my garden added with can of black beans, a can of stewed tomatoes, 2 chicken tenders, over rice for dinner. I'm thankful for this food.

By Adorkable6
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I have garden envy! Getting ready to plant my herbs this weekend.

Hollygolite Level 2 May 9, 2018

Thankful to whom? Careful now .... !

GoldenDoll Level 7 May 9, 2018

@Adorkable yep I'm liking the thanking yourself.


Nice looks like you will be eating good

Donto101 Level 7 May 8, 2018

Lovely, distinctly jealous here. My garden isn't even planted yet.

HippieChick58 Level 9 May 8, 2018

Mine either, but it should be.

I have asparagus and peppers planted but that's all.


Healthy looking zuchini.

FrayedBear Level 9 May 8, 2018

Can't get fresher veg than that! Love it!

Donna_I Level 7 May 8, 2018
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