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I hope I have many readers of this post! Listen up please! Gay people never asked to be gay and were born gay as I was! My twin sister came out later! Gay people are great! Can you imagine the population in this world if it were not for gay people?
The republican party is using god as a hate weapon because of the bible! I do NOT believe in the bible! Matthew Shepard was one of those kind souls destroyed by religion! He was brutally murdered in Wyoming! Man wrote the bible and are responsible for the hate we face today! We have Donald Trump who has now told 18,000 lies, and counting! Trump needs sent to prison! Call your congressional leaders at 202-224-3121 and mention your state or congressional district and say what you feel!

soobydoody607 6 Apr 27
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What is going on in politics now is a disgrace and is by intimidation! There is no man with a gun who will intimidate me on the right! Not Happening! It will come back to haunt you!


It is stunning enough to me that there are millions of Americans hanging on every lie vomitted out of that orange sociopath's mouth. Deep down I can intellectually understand it, though gut level it sickens me. His appeal is populist bigotry, plain and simple. He is a lying sack of shit megalomaniac. And the U.S. has never had a shortage of racists, mysogynists and/or Christian dominionists ready to lap up a populist con man with an arrogant bigotry appeal.

BUT, what I am baffled by is the notion that any such bigot would be a part of's lgbt forum. WTF?! I like to imagine none of them are here to see your post, scoobydoody!

BTW, gays help offset even worse over-population, true, but even when we ARE parents, statistically our children are far more likely to be wanted, rather than accidents.

Great comment! Thank you!


You Trump supporters want to debate me, I am here and ready! A civil debate is what I want!

I want a solid Trump supporter to debate me on camera! I will have the police tape it! I will be so truthful!

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