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LINK Huntington Beach, Southern California Town, Votes to Ban Pride Flag at City Hall

(I remember visiting the Boom Boom Room, before it closed years ago. It was a gay bar in Huntington Beach.)

Lawmakers in Huntington Beach, California, voted Tuesday night during a packed and contentious meeting to rescind a decision to allow the Pride Flag to fly over their town’s city hall. “Let’s just stick with our beautiful American flag,” said Councilmember Pat Burns, who initiated the proposal to limit which flags could be paraded on city property. Burns said that the move was “not about getting rid of the Pride flag” and insisted that gay members in his family were always treated equally by others. Some attendees of Tuesday’s meeting spoke on behalf of the rainbow flag, saying it celebrates diversity within the community, but others claimed it was divisive. Now, only flags representing the U.S., national military, state of California, Huntington County, and the city of Huntington Beach are allowed at the city hall.

snytiger6 9 Feb 9
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Do they allow other flags but ban the Pride flag? If they ban all flags except the American flag I can understand that.. I see no reason to press the issue if they're banning all flags except the USA and maybe the city or state flags. What's next? The Pirate flag? The options are endless.

Mickey Level 5 Feb 12, 2023

That's several steps in the wrong direction.

freedom41 Level 9 Feb 10, 2023

The fascist once again strike a victory for minority opinion rule.


I will be called names but this seems appropriate to me. Pride is better in Long or Laguna Beach, anyway, and HB gets squeezed between them into insignificance. The matter is really about govt isolation of flags from the only flag that matters; Old Glory. I think this perfectly captures the fragmentations which I've been claiming has weakened the Dem Party. By giving voice to a hundred smaller divisions we have given rise to a hundred critics of those divisions and those voices are louder. That's because they are amplified by Evangelical religions.

I think it would be more advantageous to fight for The Bill Of Rights and define what makes a being Human (giving the BoR authority for them) and equality for everyone. Two things that would also cover every single one of those hundred divisions with extreme favor for each. If we had done that I think we would have won in 2000 (which turns out to have been an extremely important election) because FL would have been less against Gore. We might have addressed FL tourism and improvement of infrastructure (which would also address cooling the planet) for it instead of creating an enemy state. That's one example of how fragmentation caused greater inability to relate. But Zen is not always a pleasant thing. It is merely what is so we embracing and moving on with wiser eyes is what I think we should take away from the past.

My point with the flag under that of the U.S. flag, on govt properties, invites other flags and a pole might soon have no more room for more...creating further outrage by those unrepresented. This in no way hampers Pride festivals, coverage, or growth in acceptance of diverse behaviors so applaud a rare good decision from HB.

rainmanjr Level 8 Feb 9, 2023

It seems to me that banning the pride flag violates the first amendment... freedom of speech/expression.

@snytiger6 But if Pride can fly their flag then Proud Boys can fly theirs. Christianity and Islam can fly theirs. Yin-Yang exists for flags, as well, and opposites cancel each others voice. I see this as a manger scene on a Courthouse lawn.

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