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I find it strange that just being LGBT+ makes your life "Adult content" to many people. We all have heard people say things like "What if our children see two men kissing?" or "That show with a gay character will turn our children gay". It has changed ratings in different media and caused protest and panic. I am aware of their discomfort and even distaste and hatred for LGBT+, I just don't get how it's basically "adult content" to those people. Especially since those are usually the same people who tell kids about going to hell for eternity, crucifying people and the apocalypse.....with some and murder sprinkled in there. Is it that people are LGBT+ and must be trying to bring others to the 'dark side', or that they don't get to see us punished for it when they think we should be and are worried that more will come out of the closet? Maybe something else? Thoughts?

Jess2zz 5 Aug 31
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I feel like this touches on two separate issues. One is cultural inclusion vs stigma and exclusion. The other is about formal levers of organizational power--such as government-- being wielded with prejudice to oppress us. Jess, to your point, it has irked me for a long time that a straight couple kissing on screen might garner a PG rating. A same sex couple doing the same is more often automatically R-rated, somehow.
That may seem like a little thing, but you take the same kind of sentiment and turn it on LGBT people to accuse us of child abuse for merely not hiding gayness in the presence of children, that gets deadly serious in a hurry. I have met a number of people utterly abused by the legal system. It infuriates me.

I am a firm believer in "everything is connected" and I'm happy you saw that in my post. This isn't a single issue thing, it's a symptom of multiple factors, far more than I touched on. It's a deep rooted thing that turns us into something perverse in the eyes of some people, and you're absolutely right about it being dangerous.


Just to let you know, not all straight guys or gals are judgemental. Personally, I don't claim a right to dictate how others choose to live their lives.

sellinger Level 7 Aug 31, 2018

Never all, just some. That number has shrunk over the years, but there are still plenty of pearl clutchers when anything LGBT+ comes up.

@Jess2zz yes not all..


Don't care what backward people think of me

I don't care what they think either. Problem is, They vote for those who are happy to make your life difficult. They take actions to make you a second class citizen, so that when they mistreat you, they suffer little to no consequences. And this all starts with the belief that you are perverse, and unclean...."adult content".


power and control, that is what is about. people in power, don't like it when they don't have reasons to keep folks in line. just leads to anarchy! the irony happens, when same sex kissing is damaging to young minds, but..rape, bullying, dead bodies.. these are okay. people taking their young children to see the Deadpool movies... sighs

Arttoa Level 5 Aug 31, 2018

Makes me wonder how they rank what's acceptable. Rape is higher than homosexuality? Why? And do they apply that to their own sense of morality......that's terrifying.

@Jess2zz because who is doing it? why would they criminalize themselves? they already do justify it. no same sex desire, even suggesting there is an attraction can rate something 'too mature'. but have kids killing other kids, like say.. the hunger games. it's all kosher.

@Arttoa let's not forget the ones caught with same-sex hookers, or watching trans porn. Self haters are dangerous, too.

@Jess2zz self haters are that way from the conditioning, not that it should allow them to escape the consequences of such actions. but that is complex topic with a lot of bullshit to unpack.

@Arttoa it is a lot to unpack, but it's part of why LGBT+ face this problem.

@AncientNight I hope he has felt shame for throwing the rest of us under the bus, every second of the last 15 years....but I have doubts

@AncientNight at least he couldn't be the loudest voice anymore. Sadly, there always seems to be someone ready to take that spot.


I completely agree. It's total bullshit and nothing more than forcing "Christian values" on everyone else by demonizing LGBTQ people.

IAMGROOT Level 7 Aug 31, 2018

It's not just the Christians, but I hear ya.

@Jess2zz They are the dominant force in the US, sadly.

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