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A definition of idiocy....

snytiger6 9 Nov 1
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Yes! Let's all get behind Trump and help push him off the edge.


Back him into a building and then set fire to it, maybe.

I was thinking more along the lines of having him committed for mental illness.



bobwjr Level 9 Nov 2, 2019

Only fools support trump. And there are fools everywhere!


Well, as they say, there is always that one village idiot...


That shirt better not be talking on my behalf! I don't even think that the Log Cabin Republicans support that FUCKING MORON!


Incredible but true, if there are gay republicans, surely there must be gay trumpers. There are blacks and women and mexicans and muslims for trump also, idiocy is not an exclusive white christian thing.

Mofo1953 Level 8 Nov 2, 2019

It is his self-unaware racism outweighing his self-respect, otherwise known as FALSE CONSCIOUSNESS. (sigh)


Probably some righ-wing wack job dressing up for Halloween

CS60 Level 7 Nov 1, 2019

At least one would hope so....


Juat another DUMBASS Dump supporter.

Daco2007 Level 6 Nov 1, 2019

I saved that Meme for future use.


Who was stupid enough to make him that t shirt?

freedom41 Level 8 Nov 1, 2019

And he is so proud of his own ignorance!

Sticks48 Level 9 Nov 1, 2019
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