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When I had to move closer to the City I had a hard time adjusting because I grew up on a farm there was nothing for miles.The nearest town was 20 miles old school calculators.The Holidays were alright everyone celebrates different cultures kind neat.I mailed some gifts within Canada of course.I attend a painting class for fun recreation and still live in my own place

catintheHat507 3 Jan 3
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Hope everyone is having a good night and be well


I grew up on Long Island, just outside of New York City. I now live in a semi-rural area where the nearest main road is 3 miles away. Where I now live was once Farmland that has been subdivided and turned into a mini- suburban neighborhood. I would prefer to move to an area that was a little more remote.


Adorable bunnies! Are they yours?

No these bunnies are the ones that hang around the apartment building they are really fun to watch