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Good Morning from Dallas Texas I just joined your group ! I look forward to having some conversations with you guys. I am a gay white male . I am now I guess considered a senior citizen ! I am an atheist and a free thinker . I like to live my life by not judging people I relate to the No Label movement as it helps me to live a peaceful life ! I hope who ever reads my post has a great day !

ronstu54 2 Apr 28
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Welcome to the group. I'm fairly new too, and look forward to great conversations with interesting people.


OH! CRAP! It's morning already?

As a bi-sexual man, I say, Welcome to the group. Since a senior usually starts at age 50, I've been a senior for 18 years. Welcome to the club! I try to do what my late wife did, treat others with Kindness. You can't go wrong doing that!


Welcome to our merry gang of irreligious miscreants!
Too bad there aren't more choices in the rectilinear receptacle labeled "sexual orientation". The nuances people manifest go well beyond gay straight or bisexual.

Andee Level 4 Apr 28, 2018

Welcome, and I think you will find the discussions and topics here interesting. Feel free to offer your input, and some ideas and wisdom from older people are appreciated because they have had more life experience and had to deal with these same issues. It was a bit tougher in our day for older gays like you and me when even holding hands or admitting at work that you were gay was met with shock or being socially ostracized. I have a gay son who is now 36, and had few problems after he came out. He has been married to a great guy for over 12 years, and they have had a lot of support from family and friends for their relationship from the beginning. Being gay is less of an issue here in Canada now, but things are not perfect fro sure. We still have a ways to go to bring more enlightenment into some minds.


Thank you and you have a great day too ?

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