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Religious shirts done right....

Lizard_of_Ahaz 8 Aug 7
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Well, in defence of jebus, we don't actually know that he was stupid...
But perhaps the details of his conception were a bit iffy, and it takes a certain level of stupidity to believe that story...
Anyhoo. Cute meme.

scurry Level 8 Aug 10, 2020

According to all available evidence he never actually existed...

@Lizard_of_Ahaz ok, you've got a good point. But the meme is comparing fictional characters, so I didn't realize this point needed to be made.
Plus, we call some fictional characters smart, and others stupid. So...


I think Alfred was real!

As real as Jebus...


Lol funny but true

bobwjr Level 9 Aug 7, 2020

What, me worry?
.. About hell...


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