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And a little chain secures the head to the guillotine so you can chop it off again and again...😉

Freespirit64 8 Nov 21
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If Jesus was impaled, christians would not make cross signs, they would put their fingers up their asses.

Actually there are original language translations that claim the so called cross was a "torture stake." Many reject this cause they say it is a JW view, but former Pentecostal preacher Dan Barker says it is true. Now all we have to do is imagine how Catholics would make this sign, and ask would there ever have been a movie called "The Sign of the Torture Stake." This shows how important the cross was to Christianity.



FrayedBear Level 9 Nov 21, 2020

Oh darn
Before I opened the pic to see it better, I was thinking it'd be 45. That one I'd buy!

Wisterious Level 7 Nov 21, 2020