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Test question..

glennlab 9 Nov 27
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According to the laws of physics, the fastest and largest goes first.


We have an intersection exactly like that, no stop sign.
The California rules say the lane coming in at the right angle must yield to all traffic crossing as if there were a stop sign.


Car #2 has the right-of-way.

When Car 2 is out of the way, Car 3 has the right of way. When Cars 2 and 3 are out of the way, Car 1 may turn left.

@BestWithoutGods that's what I thought but have never driven onthe wrong side of the road. And downhere the give wsy tobthe right was taken to extremes - if you were barreling down the mainroad at 100kph & a car comes wandering in from the right off an unposted road they had to be given way to! It now seems to have changed.

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Posted by scurry Hmmm... Wonder what that's for... LOL

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Posted by mistymoon77Its a Hooterville thing.

Posted by MichelleGar1Reverse psychology? Lol

Posted by RainbirdWhere's the salt? Where's the salt? Where's the god damned salt?

Posted by RainbirdSuch a good deal though!

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Posted by OldMetalHeadMakes perfect sense!

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